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Domino’s Fire Prevention Week smoke alarm safety check program

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NFPA and Domino’s are teaming up for the 14th year in a row to deliver fire safety messages and pizza during Fire Prevention Week™ (FPW), October 3 -9, 2021. To make this year’s campaign a success, we’re encouraging fire departments to join forces with their local Domino’s store to implement the campaign in their communities.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Partner with your local Domino’s store to participate in an easy-to-execute program that will promote fire safety during FPW.
  • Select a day and time period (usually 2-3 hours) to randomly choose one to three pizza orders to deliver aboard a fire engine. The participating Domino’s delivery expert will follow the fire engine in his or her car.
  • When the pizza delivery arrives, the firefighters will check the home for working smoke alarms. If the smoke alarms work, the customer’s order is free (cost absorbed by the Domino’s store). If the smoke alarms aren’t working, the fire department will replace the batteries or install fully functioning smoke alarms (cost absorbed by the fire department).

As you’ve likely heard by now, this year’s FPW campaign theme is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety™.” It works to educate everyone about the sounds smoke alarms make, what those sounds mean, and how to respond to them. Partnering with Domino’s presents a fun and powerful way to reinforce this messaging.

Domino’s Fire Prevention Week Sweepstakes

Fire departments that sign up (from August 12-30) to participate in this program will automatically be entered into Domino’s FPW Sweepstakes. Domino’s will randomly select three winners who will receive the NFPA’s “Fire Prevention Week in a Box 300” which includes:

  • FPW news booklets
  • Kids' activity booklets
  • Magnets
  • Stickers
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Two-sided goodie bags
Sign up to participate

If your fire department would like to participate in the NFPA and Domino’s FPW program, please email Chantele Telegadas. Signup emails that are sent August 12-30 will be entered into the sweepstakes. The FPW Sweepstakes winners will be drawn on or around Monday, September 9.