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Domino’s Fire Prevention Week smoke alarm safety check program

Domino's logoNFPA and Domino’s have teamed up for many years to support local fire departments and Domino’s stores in conducting smoke alarm safety checks in their communities during Fire Prevention Week. While this program has continued to grow and succeed over the years, as we enter our 13th year working together, we are not promoting it this October as we normally do in light of the pandemic.

However, for fire departments that would like to implement the program in their communities, we are offering suggestions to help them safely do so:

  • Call your local Domino’s, ask for the manager, explain the program to them and see if they feel comfortable participating in it.
  • Together, select a day and time-period (usually 2-3 hours) that you can team up to conduct the smoke alarm checks. Domino’s typically selects three to four pizza orders to deliver (and asks the customers if they’d like to participate beforehand). If you plan to arrive on a fire engine, make sure it’s a time you’ll have one available. The Domino’s delivery driver you’re working with should use his/her own transportation.
  • Upon arrival at the participating individual’s home, ask the customer to push the test button on his/her smoke alarms to see if they’re working, with your department and the Domino’s delivery driver remaining outside the home throughout the entire process.
  • If the customer’s smoke alarms sound when the test button is pushed, the pizza is free (cost absorbed by the Domino’s store). If the smoke alarms are not working, be prepared to give the customer batteries (if they need replacing) or a new smoke alarm for the customer to install (cost absorbed by your department).
  • Promote the program by notifying local media with a press release and media alert, which is available through Domino’s. (See contact information below to receive it.)
2020 Safety Recommendations

Due to COVID-19, Domino’s and NFPA strongly encourage the following operational changes to ensure an effective, safe program:

  • Everyone should wear masks, gloves and maintain a 6-foot distance from one another at all times in accordance with CDC guidelines and local health guidelines.
  • The Domino’s delivery driver should always keep the order and deliver it with their own vehicle.
  • All member of our department and the Domino’s delivery driver should stay outside of the customer’s home and remain 6 feet away to ask customers if they have working smoke alarms.
  • Only the customer should push the test button to verify that the alarm is working.
  • No one should enter the home for the purposes of the smoke alarm program.
Contact Information

The deadline for setting up the program in coordination with Domino’s is September 14. To receive assistance with planning, please email Domino’s contact Dani Bulger.