Fire and Life Safety Educators are invited to speak at a variety of venues. Careful planning can make the difference between an excellent visit and a mediocre one. While some folks are intimidated by longer sessions, it is the shorter ones that can be the most difficult.

A 10 minute mini-lesson is challenging because you need to hook the audience, help them learn new information, and wrap-up in a concise manner. Take a look at our template and lesson samples below, and try to make it work for you the next time you are invited to give a brief presentation.

Just 10 minutes

10-minute mini-lesson plans

The 10-Minute mini-lesson is a helpful strategy life safety educators can implement in a variety of settings. Worship services, gatherings at the local senior center, or service club meetings may all be potential opportunities to deliver short fire safety presentations with specific audiences. audiences.

30-minute lesson plan
A 30-minute lesson provides the instructor an opportunity to address information related to fire safety as well as a chance to help participants develop health-enhancing attitudes around the topic. Additional time could also be used to help participants practice new skills. An increase in time does not mean you need to increase the amount of content you are covering. Remember, sometimes depth wins over breadth.

60-minute lesson plan

60 minutes is a nice chunk of time to provide an effective fire safety lesson. An hour allows the instructor to cover content with depth as well as provide an opportunity for participants to explore helpful attitudes and practice related skills. Remember to engage learners in a different ways keep their attention for the entire lesson.