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Arizona Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The Arizona Fire Sprinkler Coalition is dedicated to promoting the installation of fire sprinklers in future generations of homes. The Coalition is a resource for information on home fire sprinklers and, through a cooperative effort with stakeholders, works to identify and overcome barriers to the acceptance of sprinklers as a critical component of home fire safety. To join the coalition or for more information, contact Mark Zimmerman at 480-312-1853. 

Short Documentary Highlights History of Scottsdale Fire Sprinkler Ordinance

What might not be well-known to Arizonians is how Scottsdale's ordinance to sprinkler its new homes came to be. The city has released a short documentary film about their ordinance. Watch the compelling story of how this requirement began with the successful sprinklering of two model homes in Scottsdale. 


Glendale Highlights 'Multitude' of Fire Incidents Controlled by Sprinklers

The city of Glendale, Arizona, has experienced a significant amount of fire sprinkler saves in a short period of time. These fires were extinguished in residences and other sprinklered settings, prompting the Glendale Fire Department to praise this technology.

The Scottsdale Experience: Video Highlights Benefits of a 30-Year Sprinkler Ordinance 

Since it went into effect in 1986, an ordinance to sprinkler Scottsdale's new homes has had a hand in saving lives and property; the city's fire losses, for example, are a third less than the national average. As for the myth that "fire sprinkler requirements will place the fire service out of business," the number of Scottsdale's fire stations and firefighters has increased since the ordinance took effect 30 years ago. In this new video produced by NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative, Jim Ford, fire marshal for the Scottsdale Fire Department, discusses how his town's ordinance has significantly decreased the city's fire losses without diminishing the necessity of the fire service: