Protect families. Protect firefighters. Support home fire sprinklers.

Florida Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The Florida Fire Sprinkler Coalition is dedicated to increasing awareness of the devastation of fire and the residential fire death problem while emphasizing the role that fire sprinkler requirements play in saving lives, preventing injuries of citizens and firefighters,and protecting property. Join the coalition! For more information, contact NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative.

Coalition Members Educate Builders on Home Fire Sprinklers

Members of the Florida Fire Sprinkler Coalition at 2018 Central Florida Home Expo

Coalition Co-Chair Wendy Niles (left) joined Lorrell Bush with the Florida Fire Sprinkler Association (middle) and Jeni Pierce, fire marshal with the Clermont Fire Department, at the 2018 Central Florida Home Expo in Orlando. "We had lots of visitors stop by our booth and feel we made some good impact on both awareness of home fire sprinklers and their benefits," says Niles. "We’re hoping for some calls regarding retrofits and new installs for a few folks who are in the process of constructing a new home."

Governor Vetoes Anti-Sprinkler Legislation

The astonishing images of London's 2017 Grenfell Tower in flames--and the 80 deaths that followed--got the attention of Florida Governor Rick Scott. While sensitive to regulations, Scott couldn't turn a blind eye to the horror that unfolded, partly due to the building's lack of fire sprinklers. He quickly vetoed a bill that sailed through the state legislature that would once again delay installing fire sprinklers in certain residences. "Safety issues are critically important, as they can be the difference between life or death," Scott said in a statement about his veto.

Public Educators Create Campaign on Home Fire Sprinklers

Florida fire sprinkler advocates

Using unique Twitter hashtags and catchy catchphrases, public educators from Pinellas County created a campaign to bolster awareness of home fire sprinklers throughout the state. The coalition launched the contest in 2016. Two new resources from the campaign include a video of educators underscoring key fire and sprinkler statistics: 

Another video tasks Floridians to tweet photos of them with a fire sprinkler using the #sprinklerselfie hashtag:

Coalition Makes Headlines for Uniting State Fire Groups

The coalition was featured in the August 2016 edition of the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association magazine for initiating a solution aimed at increasing statewide acceptance of home fire sprinklers. "Because of the coalition, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in every community, with every family," said Kingman Schuldt, the coalition's co-chair. "I have never been more excited to support an initiative that can impact our communities in such a positive manner."

Florida's Home Fire Problem

Home fires

Home fires in Florida are frequent, and catastrophic. Between 2005 and 2014: 

  • there were approximately 230,000 home fires in Florida 
  • these fires resulted in $2.5 billion in property damage
  • home fires were also responsible for more than 70 percent of all civilian fire deaths in Florida during this period