Protect families. Protect firefighters. Support home fire sprinklers.

Idaho Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The Idaho Fire Sprinkler Coalition is dedicated to promoting home fire sprinklers. This voluntary coalition is a resource for information about home fire sprinklers in the State of Idaho. The Coalition actively works to educate stakeholder groups on residential fire sprinklers and collaborates with key state fire service organizations to address and overcome barriers to residential fire sprinkler requirements. To join the coalition or for more information, contact Reggie Edwards at 208-468-5770. 

Habitat for Humanity Provides Family Sprinklered Home 

Idaho family in Habitat for Humanity home

The Archuleta Family of Nampa secured the keys to their new home built by Canyon County Habitat for Humanity. Through a joint partnership with the Nampa Fire Department and Nampa School District Construction Technology Vocational Education Program (see the story on this program below), the home was built with home fire sprinklers, a life-saving feature. The partnership has led to the sprinklering of other Habitat homes in Idaho. "I have noticed that this idea of installing fire sprinklers in Habitat homes has really taken off throughout the country," says Reggie Edwards, a member of the Idaho Fire Sprinkler Coalition and deputy fire marshal with the Nampa Fire Department. " It is common to read articles about many states, school districts, and communities buying into this concept and accepting that home fire sprinklers are the right thing do to."

Sprinkler Extinguishes Home Fire in Nampa 

Fire sprinklers helped avert tragedy during a January 2016 home fire in Nampa. The resident told the Nampa Fire Department that she placed a pan of oil on the stove and left the room. Upon returning, the pan was on fire. A single sprinkler activated and extinguished the fire. The only fire damage occurred to the cabinet above the stove. Once the apartment was dried out, the tenant returned to her home. None of the other tenants in the complex were impacted by the fire. If sprinklers weren't installed, "this could have obviously been much worse for her and her family, the rest of the tenants, and the owners of the complex," said Melissa Close, deputy fire marshal for the Nampa Fire Department. 

Future Homebuilders in Nampa Get Schooled on Sprinklers

Idaho Habitat for Humanity installThree high schools in the city of Nampa are participating in a construction management program that teach young participants homebuilding basics. A crucial piece to this program is home fire sprinklers, linking tomorrow's builders with vital information and hands-on installation.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) chatted with Reggie Edwards, deputy fire marshal with the Nampa Fire Department and member of the coalition about the program and the beneficial consequences of replicating something similar for youth across North America. 



Series of Fires in Rural Areas Underscore Importance of Home Fire Sprinklers

A lack of fire hydrants and sparsity of fire stations in rural areas got the attention of an Idaho newspaper, which recently reported on a series of structure fires. A lack of hydrants, for instance, complicated response efforts during a structure fire this month in Meridian, Idaho.