New Hampshire Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Protect families. Protect firefighters. Support home fire sprinklers.

New Hampshire Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The New Hampshire Fire Sprinkler Coalition is dedicated to promoting the installation of fire sprinklers in future generations of homes. The coalition is a resource for information on home fire sprinklers and, through a cooperative effort with stakeholders, works to identify and overcome barriers to the acceptance of sprinklers as a critical component of home fire safety. To join the coalition or for more information, contact NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative


Members of the New Hampshire Fire Sprinkler Coalition

New Fire Sprinkler Educational Pamphlet Available

Download the coalition's pamphlet underscoring all you need to know about home fire sprinklers. You'll learn about the myths, the costs, and the impact this technology has in saving lives.

New Hampshire's Home Fire Problem

Home fires

Between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2014, home fires in New Hampshire were responsible for:

    • more than 930 fire-related injuries
    • 80 fire deaths
    • more than $165 million in property damage

*data from the Office of the State Fire Marshal

Building Officials Witness Power of Home Fire Sprinklers

New Hampshire fire sprinkler demonstration

The coalition hosted a demonstration in April 2016 underscoring the fierceness of today's home fires and the role home fire sprinklers play in reducing tragedies at home. Held during the Eastern State Building Officials Federation Conference, the demonstration included one makeshift room equipped with fire sprinklers and another without. The unsprinklered structure reached flashover in only three minutes. "This [demonstration] shows how little time you have to get out of the house [safely] after the smoke alarms go off," Stephen Gallagher, chair of the coalition, told reporters at the event. "Sprinklers are not designed to save property--they give you time to get out of the house."

Watch this video of a previous event in New Hampshire highlighting the rapidity of today's fire spread:

And another video of fire sprinklers in action: 

State Fire Marshal Sprinklers His New Home

New Hampshire State Fire Marshal Bill Degnan explains why he equipped his new home with fire sprinklers as others underscore why these devices are the key to eliminating the home fire problem in the state: 

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