Pennsylvania Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Protect families. Protect firefighters. Support home fire sprinklers.

Pennsylvania Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The Pennsylvania Fire Sprinkler Coalition is dedicated to promoting the installation of fire sprinklers in future generations of homes. The Coalition is a resource for information about home fire sprinklers and, through a cooperative effort with stakeholders, works to identify and overcome barriers to the acceptance of sprinklers as a critical component of home fire safety. To join the coalition or for more information, contact NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative.

"Sprinkler Save" Reinforces Advocates' Push for Fire Sprinkler Requirements

Soon after Pennsylvania passed a requirement for home fire sprinklers, legislative action (initiated by sprinkler opponents) took it off the books. Now, safety advocates there are once again pushing for sprinkler requirements in new homes following a fire sprinkler activation.

Demo Underscores Speed of Today's Home Fires and Power of Home Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers Quickly Extinguish Home Fire

The East Brandywine Fire Company recently reported a fire sprinkler operation that kept a home fire in check. Once all of the home's residents were accounted for, firefighters entered the residence and discovered heavy smoke in the attic. They determined that the sprinklers were keeping the fire tenable until their arrival. The fire was then extinguished within 20 minutes of their arrival. The department noted that the properly installed sprinklers reacted quickly and dramatically reduced the risk of injury or death.