South Dakota Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Protect families. Protect firefighters. Support home fire sprinklers.

South Dakota Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The South Dakota Fire Sprinkler Coalition is dedicated to promoting home fire sprinklers and serves as a resource for information about these life-saving devices in South Dakota. The coalition actively works to educate stakeholder groups on home fire sprinklers and collaborates with state fire service organizations to address and overcome barriers to home fire sprinkler requirements. For more information on the coalition or to join, contact NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative.

Coalition Member Receives National Sprinkler Award

Tim Behlings

(From left) Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender, Rapid City Fire Department Division Tim Behlings, Rapid Fire Protection Vice President Rod Dibona

Division Chief and Fire Marshal Tim Behlings with the Rapid City Fire Department received the 2016 Fire Sprinklers Saves Lives Award. Presented by the American Fire Sprinkler Association, the award recognizes individuals who generate public awareness of this life-saving technology. 

Behlings was pivotal in initiating the Rapid City Life Safety Loan Program, which supports fire sprinkler retrofitting. He also has assisted with amending the state fire code to significantly reduce the threshold for requiring fire sprinklers in certain settings. 

State Fair Attendees Get Schooled on Fire Sprinklers

 Members of the South Dakota Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Coalition members Jody Telkamp (left) and Monica Colby attended the 2016 Central States Fair in Rapid City to disseminate resources on home fire sprinklers and organize a live burn/fire sprinkler demonstration for the masses. Watch this video from the event: 

Fire Sprinklers Save Resident and Property From Catastrophe
Fire sprinkler save in South Dakota Fire sprinkler save 

Burnt, but not destroyed: fire sprinklers helped extinguish a kitchen fire

A Rapid City resident recently witnessed the life-saving value of home fire sprinklers. As she was frying chicken in her home, the grease in the pan ignited, prompting her to try and smother the fire with a blanket. When that didn't work, she placed the burning pan in the sink. (Adhere to these NFPA tips on cooking safety.) Flames ignited the picture above the sink, which set off a single sprinkler. The activation resulted in minimal damage to her home. 

"There was a heavy fire load surrounding the sink, and this had the potential to become quite devastating," says Jody Telkamp, administrative assistant with the Rapid City Fire Department and coalition member. 

Today Show Segment Underscores Severity of Home Fires

Home fire

A 2016 report on NBC's Today Show showcased how modern home furnishings and today's built environment have a direct impact on rapid fire spread. Read the report for more information.