The Campaign is Simple and it Works!

Every day there is a different theme and content for social media and websites that focus on key facts about home fire sprinklers and how they protect people living in homes, firefighters and the entire community.

Plan your week now! Choose any or all messages you want to share on your social media.

Let’s bring together our digital voices and spread the word about home fire sprinklers!

Daily themes
  • Monday, May 15: Fire is Fast
  • Tuesday, May 16: Sprinklers and Simple and Safe
  • Wednesday, May 17: Fire Sprinklers are Critical for Community Risk Reduction
  • Thursday, May 18:Safe Builders Install Fire Sprinklers in Their Homes
  • Friday, May 19: Protect What You Value Most

Find free resources and more campaign information on the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition website.


  • Proclamation 
    Download and customize a proclamation for use by one of your community's officials. 
  • Social Media
    Download and share these social media cards and messages with colleagues and with your community.
  • Hands-on home fire sprinkler prop
    The sturdy storage box contains a pendent sprinkler with educational information about home fire sprinklers, and is of no cost to Built for Life Fire Departments 
  • State-by-State Fire Sprinkler Requirements
    Learn about your state's fire sprinkler requirements--or lack thereof 

Watch additional videos and get more information about home fire sprinklers by visiting the Home Fire Sprinkler Week page on the HFSC website.

Got questions? Contact HFSC for help.