Every home fire has a story. Faces of Fire is a campaign of the Fire Sprinkler Initiative that features stories of people impacted by fire and demonstrates the need for home fire sprinklers. Hear from burn survivors whose lives have been forever altered, fire service members with career-ending injuries, homeowners that have lost everything--and how sprinklers could have significantly impacted these outcomes. Adding to these stories of loss are examples of homeowners saved by sprinklers and homebuilders who have embraced sprinklers as the ultimate in homeowner safety.  

More Faces of Fire
Faces of Fire/Electrical is a campaign that features stories of people impacted by electrical incidents and demonstrates the need for continued education and awareness about electrical hazards both on the job and at home.


Fire Service Stories

Linda Daughetee

Linda Daughetee and her husband lost their 24-year-old son, Shane, a firefighter, in a house fire.
Location: Tennessee

Brian Black

Chief Brian Black was on duty when he learned that his house was on fire. He has rebuilt with sprinklers. 
Location: South Carolina

\Keith Brower

A firefighter working with Chief W. Keith Brower, Jr., was severely burned and forced to retire.
Location: Virginia

 Angie Roach

A house fire took away Angie Roach's independence and  ability to continue a career that she loved.
Location: Georgia

 Linda Chavis

Linda Chavis' son, Jeffrey, lost his life as a result of burns he sustained from battling a house fire.
Location: South Carolina

Tonya Hoover

Tonya Hoover, California's former state fire marshal, hopes other states will embrace sprinkler requirements.
Location: California

Guy Santelli

Fire Inspector Guy Santelli installed sprinklers in his home to protect his family.
Location: Wisconsin

Meredith Hawes

Safety educator Meredith Hawes is working to educate the public about sprinklers.
Location: Michigan

 Jo Brinkley

Jo Brinkley-Chaudoir lost her fire department partner while responding to a home fire.
Location: Wisconsin

 Jeffery Hudson

One of Chief Jeffery Hudson's firefighters was the first city firefighter to die in the line of duty.
Location: Kansas

 Paul Machado

Firefighter Paul Machado was injured from a house fire after leaping from a window. His burns sidelined him for a year.
Location: Massachusetts

 Lionel Crowther

Firefighter Lionel Crowther's injuries from a home fire had lasting impacts on his family's
emotional well-being.

Phil Tammaro
Burned in a home fire when he was two years old, Phil Tammaro is now urging all firefighters to promote home fire sprinklers.
Location: Massachusetts


Burn Survivor Stories

 Princella Lee Bridges

Princella Lee Bridges ran back into her burning home, changing her life forever.
Location: South Carolina

 Justina Page

Justina Page was severely burned and lost one of her 22-month-old sons in a devastating home fire.
Location: Texas


James Gallagher 

Dr. James Gallagher, 
a burn care specialist, 
details the painful aftermath 
of home fires and what burn
survivors endure. 
Location: New York

Homeowner Stories

 Irv Bailey

Irv and Cathy Bailey lost two children in a house fire on Christmas morning.
Location: Kentucky

 Mayer Fistal

Months after moving into their dream home, Mayer and Sheryl Fistal lost everything.
Location: Maine

 Anne Mazzola

Anne Mazzola survived a house fire thanks to a successful sprinkler activation.
Location: Nevada

 Michelle Allyn

Michelle Allyn witnessed the 
grim reality of home fires 
and the security of fire sprinklers
Location: Connecticut


Homebuilder & Building Official Stories

 Sam Davis

Sam Davis, a homebuilder in Florida, believes so strongly in sprinklers that he's installed them in dozens of homes. 
Location: Florida

 Stuart Tom

Building official Stuart Tom talks about sprinkler requirements in the state of California.
Location: California