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For fire and life safety educators

NFPA offers a wealth of free resources to help you educate your communities and families about the importance of working smoke alarms.

For your community
  • A smoke alarm installation program in your community can make a measurable difference in reducing deaths and injuries from fire. The updated “Planning and Implementing a Successful Smoke Alarm Installation Program(PDF, 1 MB) is a comprehensive guide including everything you’ll need to get started, from tips on how to select volunteers, to pointers on soliciting donations and publicizing your program.
  • NFPA's free online smoke alarm awareness campaign toolkit includes hand-outs for families, talking points, public service announcements, fill-in-the-blank news releases, and much more.
For classrooms and adult learners
For kids and families
  • Visit Sparky the Fire Dog's® website where fire safety connects with learning -- and download the following mobile apps:
    • Match Game: Sparky® teaches kids what a smoke alarm looks like, the sound it makes, and what to do when they hear that sound. (ages 3-5)
    • Sparky's Birthday Surprise: Kids learn what to do if the smoke alarm sounds, how to exit the house safely, and how to choose an outside meeting place.
  • Calendar tear-sheet: Remind your family to test their smoke alarms.
Free infographics

Use our free infographics on your web site, e-newsletters, or in your local newspapers to help spread your important smoke alarm messages.

Smoke alarm infographic image 
Smoke Alarms Save Lives (PDF, 3 MB)

How Old Are Your Smoke Alarms infographic 
How old are your smoke alarms? (jpg)

Cooking and Smoke Alarm Spacing Infographic
 Smoke alarms & cooking appliances (PDF, 529 KB)

Share these memes with important messages
Check the date of your smoke alarm 
Check the date (jpg)

Chirps mean change the batteries of your smoke alarms 
Chirps mean change (jpg)

 Retire your smoke alarms after 10 years
Give 'em a rest (jpg)

 Test your smoke alarms monthly
Sometimes it's good to push buttons (jpg)
 Install a smoke alarm in every bedroom
Sleep soundly (jpg)


Sergeant Alarm says "Test Your Smoke Alarms!"

Sergeant Alarm