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Smoke alarm videos

NFPA videos can help you and your community learn about the importance of installing and maintaining working smoke alarms. Feel free to embed these videos on your web sites, blog, or social media outposts.

Videos for kids

Little Rosalie
PBS Star SteveSongs, with the help of Sparky the Fire Dog®, helps kids stay fire safe by leading them through the four key steps for fire safety in this unforgettably catchy sing-along video, complete with fun and easy to follow dance steps and moves. Share this music video and spread the fire-safety message to everyone you know!

What's That Sound?
Recess Monkey teams up with Sparky the Fire Dog® to take a rollicking ride aboard a flying smoke alarm to teach children and their families important fire-safety skills. Through a funky mix of five musical genres, from rap to country, the band and a crew of kids sing and dance their way to safety: "What's that sound? It goes beep, beep, beep. If there's a fire, got to move your feet!"

Videos for adults

Safety Tips: Smoke Alarms
NFPA's Lorraine Carli explains why smoke alarms are one of the best safety inventions for your home. Remember: Smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries.

Home Smoke Alarm Basics
This NFPA video provides the latest information on types of smoke alarms you need, their placement and special features. Working smoke alarms give you early warning to help you escape a fire.

More smoke alarm videos from NFPA

Smoke Alarms: Beep, Beep, Beep
Let's hear it for fire safety! Smoke alarms are important. You need one on every level of your home. You even need one in your bedroom to wake you if there is a fire while you're sleeping. Smoke alarms make a loud "beep beep beep" if there is smoke. If the smoke alarm sounds, everyone should get outside and stay outside.

Sparky's Safety Spots: Smoke Alarms
This classic NFPA video takes place at home with Sparky Spots, a group of spots who reside on the ear of Sparky the Fire Dog®. The Spots remind us about the importance of installing smoke alarms in our homes. Listen carefully: Sparky is voiced by veteran actor Dick Van Dyke. Note: the sound of the smoke alarm in this video is not the typical "Temporal-3" (T-3) audio (three beeps when tested - "beep beep beep").

NFPA public service announcement: Smoke Alarms
NFPA's mascot Sparky the Fire Dog® reminds you to protect you and your family by equipping your home with smoke alarms.

Smoke Alarms: A Sound You Can Live With
This clip comes from NFPA's "Smoke Alarms - A Sound You Can Live With!" DVD. It mixes live footage and animation in a reality TV show format to make the case for smoke alarms.