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Keeping Your Community Safe with Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide toolkit cover

Carbon monoxide (CO) is called the invisible killer because you cannot see it or smell it. This poisonous gas is created when fossil fuels, such as kerosene, gasoline, coal, natural gas, propane, methane or wood, do not burn completely. The only way to detect CO is with a working CO alarm. Use the following resources from NFPA and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to conduct a CO alarm awareness campaign in your community.


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Resources for families
Talking About Carbon Monoxide Safety
Public Service Announcement (1/4 page)
Social media 
Local media can keep your community safe and sound

Fill-in-the blank news releases

Fill-in-the blank Op/Ed

Fill-in-the-blank letter to the editor

Resources for Canada
NFPA reports

NFPA’s Ben Evarts discusses key points from NFPA’s “Non-Fire Carbon Monoxide Incidents” report and explains why CO is dangerous.