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Educational Messaging

The Educational Messages Advisory Committee (EMAC) meets periodically to review NFPA’s fire and burn safety education messages and to provide recommendations to NFPA public education staff for updating and revising the messages. 

The EMAC public education messages are used throughout NFPA’s educational programs, curricula, and handouts, and provide fire and life safety educators with accurate and consistent language for use when offering safety information to the public. Each topic area is self-contained, written so that all the information needed on a certain subject is provided within that category. As a result, some messaging may be repeated throughout topic areas. 


Updated Desk Reference

For ease of use, the 2020 edition includes hyperlinks from the Table of Contents to specific chapters within the document. In addition to updated messages throughout (indicated by the word NEW), the 2020 edition includes:

New chapters on:

  • Pet fire safety
  • Youth firesetter

New sections on:

  • Carbon Monoxide – boating and marinas
  • Home Fire Escape – people who are deaf or have hearing loss, use a mobility device and are blind or have low vision
  • Fire Safety Away from Home - peer-to-peer hospitality, motor home, camper and recreation vehicle safety, safety in places of public assembly, car fire safety
  • Cooking – microwave ovens, gas grills
  • Electrical – pools, hot tubs, and spas, equipment safety, marine and boating safety
  • Candle – how to burn a candle, candles for religious/ceremonial use in homes
  • Outdoor burning – campfire safety, fire pit safety, recreational fire use
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquid and Gases – propane gas safety, propane appliance maintenance, gel fuel safety
  • Battery Safety – 9-volt batteries, battery disposal