Smoke and fire spread very quickly, so it’s important that everyone knows exactly how to get outside to safety calmly and quickly. Every family must have a home fire escape plan. A home fire escape plan is a plan to get out of the home quickly in case there is a fire. Every room in the home needs two ways out. One way out would be the door and the second way out may be a window.

Download the complete lesson(PDF, 2.35 MB)

In this lesson, children will learn to :

  • Explain how they would get outside of the home if the smoke alarm sounds.
  • State when to use the home fire escape plan.
  • Describe the outside family meeting place.

Bonus videos

Sing and dance along with SteveSongs as Rosalie and her little brother learn the four key steps to follow when you hear the sound of a smoke alarm.

SteveSongs guides you through his dance moves step-by-step so you can also catch the rhythm.