report an emergency

The fire department is a community helper. The firefighters will help if there is an emergency such as a fire, a smoke alarm sounding, or someone hurt. There are many types of emergencies with which the fire department can help. Everyone in the home should know the emergency phone number to call to get help from the fire department. Most communities have 9-1-1, but some communities have a complete telephone number to call.

Download the complete lesson. (PDF, 1.74 MB)

In this lesson, children will learn to:

  • Recite and point out the emergency phone number.
  • Demonstrate how to report an emergency to the fire department.
  • State when it is appropriate to call for help.
New! Calling 9-1-1 from a Mobile Phone (PDF, 436 KB) mini-lesson 
In many cases, people report emergencies from a mobile phone rather than a landline. This 10-minute lesson provides an extension to the Report an Emergency lesson plan to help students learn how to call 9-1-1 from a mobile phone.