Learn Not to Burn, Kindergarten Program, Lesson 4Young children should be taught the difference between hot and cool, as well as the risks of touching hot items. Many things inside and outside are hot or could get hot. Things that get hot can cause serious burns. Burn injuries hurt and take a long time to heal. Kindergarteners need to be able to identify items that are hot and sometimes hot. Children should learn to stay away from anything that can get hot.

In this lesson, children will learn to:

  • identify things that can get hot.
  • state what to do to be safe from hot things.

Download the lesson. (PDF, 12 MB)

Bonus video with Sparky the Fire Dog

This interactive 3 ½-minute video is a great way for children to practice identifying items that are hot, sometimes hot, and not hot. Use the video to supplement the body of the lesson or to assess student learning.