Practice a fire drill with your family

Learn Not to Burn preschool lesson 3A home fire drill is a time for a family to practice their home fire escape plan. This is a plan to get out of the home quickly in case there is a fire. Every room in the home needs two ways out. Every home fire escape plan needs an outside meeting place. A meeting place is a permanent location in front of the home that is a safe distance from the home. Everyone in the family should go to the meeting place so everyone will be together and adults will know that everyone is safe. Families should practice their home fire drill at least twice a year.

In this lesson, each child will be able to:

  • describe how he or she will react when a smoke alarm sounds at home.
  • identify a possible family meeting place outside the home.

Download the lesson. (PDF, 10 MB)

Read the "Sparky the Fire Dog says ‘Stay Fire Safe!’" poem

Watch Sparky’s "Get Out and Stay Out" video.

Sing and dance along with SteveSongs as Rosalie and her little brother learn the four key steps to follow when you hear the sound of a smoke alarm.

SteveSongs guides you through his dance moves step-by-step so you can also catch the rhythm.

More information for parents and teachers can be found on the NFPA Safety Tip Sheets: Escape planning