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Tell an adult if you see matches or lighters

Learn Not to Burn preschool lesson 5Teach young children about the risks of touching hot items. Things that get hot can cause serious burns. Burn injuries hurt and take a long time to heal. Preschoolers need to be able to identify items that are hot and sometimes hot. Children should learn to stay away from anything that can get hot.

Matches and lighters can get hot. Children should be taught safe actions if they find these items: Tell an adult and never touch. Matches and lighters should be locked in a cabinet, out of the reach of children.

In this lesson each child will be able to:

  • act in a safe manner around matches and lighters.
  • identify situations related to hot items that require adult help.

Download the lesson. (PDF, 1 MB)

Download the "Matches and Lighters" song. (mp3, 1.4 MB)

More information for parents and teachers can be found on the NFPA Safety Tip Sheets: Young Firesetters


Bonus video with Sparky the Fire Dog

This interactive 2 ½-minute video helps children identify appropriate behaviors around hot items. Play a game with Sparky and determine when it is safe to play, when to stay away from a hot object, and when to inform a grown up. This video supports the wrap-up activity described in the lesson plan.