Learn Not to Burn videos

The following videos are referenced in our Learn Not to Burn programs.

Firefighters are community helpers lesson - Preschool and Kindergarten Programs

This interactive 2-minute video can be used to introduce the lesson if the suggested book is unavailable.

This 3-minute video helps children understand that a firefighter’s gear might look and sound scary but there is a community helper underneath. 

Practice a fire drill with your family lesson - Preschool Program
Get outside, stay outside lesson - Kindergarten and Grade 1 Programs 

Sing and dance along with SteveSongs as Rosalie and her little brother learn the four key steps to follow when you hear the sound of a smoke alarm.

SteveSongs guides you through his dance moves step-by-step so you can also catch the rhythm.

Watch Sparky the Fire Dog’s “Get Out and Stay Out” video.

Stay away from hot things lesson - Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1 Programs

This interactive 3 ½-minute video is a great way for children to practice identifying items that are hot, sometimes hot, and not hot. Use the video to supplement the body of the lesson or to assess student learning.

Tell an adult if you see matches or lighters lesson - Preschool Program 
Matches and Lighters are for Grown-ups lesson - Kindergarten Program

This interactive 2 ½-minute video helps children identify appropriate behaviors around hot items. Play a game with Sparky and determine when it is safe to play, when to stay away from a hot object, and when to inform a grown up. This video supports the wrap-up activity described in the lesson plan.