Remembering When Scholarship Conference

November 1-3, 2017, Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel
Remembering When

NFPA will select teams from up to 25 communities to attend the 2017 Remembering When Scholarship Conference. Participants will receive free training to help older adults live safely at home through group presentations and home visits. Teams comprising a fire and life safety educator, a community partner who works with older adults, and one optional additional team member will leave the conference ready to implement this NFPA fire and falls prevention program. 

We are looking to train 2 or 3 person teams who are
  • excited to help older adults reduce injuries from fires and falls.
  • committed to building a community outreach program.
  • enthusiastic about strengthening partnerships to support older adults.
Scholarship award

Each Remembering When scholarship is valued at more than $4,000 and includes:

  • a training workshop in Nashville from November 1-3 for each team.
  • airfare to and from Nashville.
  • lodging at the Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel on November 1-2.
  • a networking reception on the evening of November 1.
  • breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the training.
  • ongoing support from NFPA for program implementation.

How do we apply?    

The application period will open on Monday, June 12 and close at noon on Friday, August 11. Teams should submit one complete application packet. Application packets will be reviewed as they are received. Submission date will be considered when choosing between similarly rated applicants.  

Before you begin, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the bottom of this page.

Each team must submit the following materials:   

PART AComplete the online application survey. Be prepared to share information about team members and why your community would benefit from the Remembering When program.

PART B: Submit the following via email to Karen Berard-Reed. Scan all pages into one document before sending. Write “RW Scholarship” and your community name into the subject line of your email.

  • a completed application cover page (PDF) 
  • a letter of commitment from the chief of the fire department supporting the life safety educator in this project and assurance of program obligations to be completed within one year.   
  • a letter of commitment from a leader in each partner agency supporting the applicant in this project and assurance of program obligations to be completed within one year. The letter should also briefly outline the agency’s role program implementation.
Is your Remembering When program already up and running?

The Next Steps workshop might be a better fit for your team.

Questions? Contact Karen Berard-Reed at +1 617 984-7286.

Frequently asked questions

Who should be on the team?
Each team will consist of two or three people including a fire department life safety educator and a community partner who works with older adults. Teams may opt to add a third member who fits one of the categories and strengthens the team. At least one team member must have a home visit structure in place.

What agencies should partner with fire department?
There are many different agencies who can serve as Remembering When partners. Past teams have included representatives from visiting nurses, senior centers, Red Cross volunteers, parks & rec, church outreach groups, civic organizations, councils on aging, meal delivery programs, and more!

Can all team members be from the fire department? 
No. Each team must have at least one representative from a different community organization or agency.

Are there any special criteria for teams?
Teams must have the authority, commitment, and ability to oversee local implementation of the Remembering When program through group presentations, home visits, and training for additional program implementers. At least one team member agency must have a home-visit mechanism in place.

What is the cost to attend the conference?
NFPA will cover the costs for flights, ground transportation to and from BNA, lodging, meals throughout the workshop, training, and materials. All other costs are the responsibility of workshop attendees. 

What are the team’s Remembering When obligations once they leave the conference? 
Teams who attend the Remembering When Scholarship Conference will agree to complete the following tasks by November 1, 2018:

  • Complete at least 5 Remembering When group presentations with older adult audiences.
  • Complete at least 25 home visits using Remembering When materials.
  • Facilitate at least one training session to help new home visitors use the Remembering When program.
  • Host at least 2 informational sessions for additional community partners and fire department members

Can I submit my application before June 12?
Please don’t. To be fair to all applicants, packets that arrive prior to June 12 will not be considered.

Is it OK if one of my team members is planning to retire or change jobs within the next year? 
While we extend a hearty “Congratulations” to those who are nearing retirement or seeking new positions, we ask that all team members expect to be on the job for at least one year after the training ends in order to fulfill scholarship requirements. 

Can we change team members after we have been accepted?
No. When you submit your packet, be sure all team members on the application can attend the conference if you are selected. Upon award confirmation, NFPA will purchase non-refundable airline tickets for team members.  Costs incurred by people who cannot attend the conference will be the responsibility of the team.   

We won a Remembering When Scholarship in the past.  Can we apply again?
Yes, but be sure to explain why you should be considered again. Tell us about the state of your current Remembering When program in your response. You may find that the new Remembering When: Next Steps workshop is a better fit for you. 

Will incomplete applications be considered?
No. Please submit all requested information together in one neat package.

I’m the chief of the department and I would like to attend the conference. Can I write my own letter of support?
No. If you are the fire department chief, ask the next person in the chain of community leadership to write a letter of support for you. The same parameters are in place for applicants who serve as leaders of partner agencies. 

Do winners have to attend the entire workshop and all conference activities?

When will we know if we have won a scholarship? 
We will begin notifying award recipients on August 25, 2017. Once all teams have accepted their awards and all spots are full, we will send an email out to teams who were not selected this year. We hope to have this process completed by September 8, 2017. 

Can I bring my family?
Scholarship winners are welcome to bring family members along to Nashville with the understanding that attendees are expected to participate in all conference activities. Additional costs incurred will be the responsibility of the attendee. Unfortunately, family members cannot attend any conference activities.

Can I extend my visit to Nashville? 
Sure. Attendees who wish to extend their stays may do so and cover the additional costs out of pocket. The conference schedule is very busy. If you are eager to explore Nashville in depth, you should consider an extension to your trip. 

How do I get my application packet to NFPA?
Once the application period is open on June 12, email your application to Please put “Remembering When Scholarship” and your community name in the subject heading. Scan your documents and send them as one PDF. Do not email four separate files. You can also mail your application to Karen Berard-Reed at NFPA, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA  02169. 

What should I do if I have questions about my application? 
Call or email Karen Berard-Reed at NFPA. She can be reached at +1 617 984-7286.