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The World Never Stops
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It’s a Big World. Let's Protect It Together®.

By working with you to confront rising challenges around the world, we create a constant stream of unparalleled knowledge, training, education, and resources to help you do your best work and to help keep the world safe. Never was protecting the world more challengingbut together, we can do it. We will always ensure that you have the knowledge and support you need to confidently do your job, and do it well.


Constant, Unparalleled Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and a continually refined, on-going source of the highest-level of knowledge is real power. NFPA gives you that power walking onto any jobsite armed with unparalleled codes and standards, training, education, and connections, to confidently do any job.

Electrical Solutions

Today's electrical industry is changing faster than ever. It is a fast-paced, always evolving environment that demands you stay at the forefront of knowledge. NFPA is here to help you, with self-guided, interactive, scenario-based online training that fits your schedule, plus products, tools, and credentials to keep you doing your job, and doing it well.

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Building and Life Safety Solutions

The challenges of protecting people and property from hazards in the built environment are always evolving. It’s crucial that you and your team have the fundamental knowledge and training to minimize risks and improve building and life safety.

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Industrial Hazards Solutions

Industrial hazards such as explosive atmospheres or combustible dusts, working or inspecting in confined spaces, and associated threats of illness, injury, or damage are always evolving. It's vital you and your team remain up to date with the latest procedures and requirements for mitigating these dangers and staying safe, compliant and in high demand.

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Fire Protection Solutions

Ensuring fire protection systems are properly designed, installed, and maintained is integral to building and occupant safety. NFPA offers the expertise and resources to help you and your team stay current with training and certifications in addition to accessing the latest codes and standards both digitally and in printed format.

Our solutions aren’t just about getting the job done, they’re about completing projects in the best ways to avoid errors, accidents, and liabilities, and to maximize efficiency.

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Emergency Response Solutions

Whether you’re investigating fires and explosions or preparing technical rescue operations, NFPA® is your expert source for training, certifications, and access to the latest codes and standards to help you and your departments stay current and protect your entire community.

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Es crítico que tu y tu equipo tengan el conocimiento y capacitación esencial para ayudar a minimizar riesgos y mejorar la seguridad y eficiencia.

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