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The challenges of protecting people and property from hazards in the built environment are always evolving.  It’s crucial that you and your team have the fundamental knowledge and training to minimize risks and improve building and life safety. 

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2022 NFPA 80
Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives
2022 NFPA 241
Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations
2021 NFPA 99
Health Care Facilities Code
2021 NFPA 101®
Life Safety Code®
2021 NFPA 99
Health Care Facilities Code Handbook
2021 NFPA 101®
Life Safety Code® Handbook
2021 NFPA 99
Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems Handbook
2021 NFPA 1
Fire Code
2021 NFPA 3000®
Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program
2021 NFPA 99 Self-Adhesive
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2021 NFPA 1 Self-Adhesive
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2021 NFPA 101® Self-Adhesive
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NFPA 101® Life Safety Code® and Handbook Set
Save 15% on NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®, resources so you can understand and apply the latest requirements.
2021 NFPA 99 & NFPA 101® Codes & Tabs Toolkit
This cost-effective toolkit gives you the latest requirements for life safety and health care occupancies and helps you find the information you need more efficiently.
NFPA 1600® (2019) and NFPA 3000™ (2021) Toolkit
Provides the standards and criteria to develop a comprehensive, multidisciplinary emergency preparedness program and establish and maintain crisis management capabilities.
NFPA 241 (2019) and NFPA 51B (2021) Toolkit
Access the information you need to help reduce fire risks in structures during the construction phase and mitigate hazards associated with hot work projects.

NFPA 3000™, Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program (2021) Toolkit

Provides access to the latest framework and requirements along with innovative online training on developing an effective plan based on the level of risk of the incident.

NFPA 99 (2021) and NFPA 101® (2021) Codes and NFPA 3000™ (2021) Toolkit

Offers fundamental guidelines for life safety for all types of occupancies including health care facilities, while addressing the growing threat of active shooter or other hostile events.
NFPA 70® (2020), NFPA 99 (2018), and NFPA 101® (2018) Toolkit
Access fundamental resources for helping to create and maintain health care environments that keep occupants safer with this toolkit bundle.
NFPA 101® (2021), NFPA 1600® (2019), and NFPA 3000™ (2021) Toolkit
Access the information required to help keep your community safe and prepared for all types of emergencies in this toolkit.
2021 Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems Online Training and Handbook Toolkit
This cost-efficient toolkit is ideal for anyone who requires advanced knowledge of NFPA 99 medical gas and vacuum systems criteria or needs to maintain ASSE 6000 series certification.
NFPA 80 (2016) Balancing Safety with Protected Openings Toolkit
Help safeguard openings in rated walls, floors, and ceilings against the spread of fire and smoke.
NFPA 80 (2019), NFPA 90A (2018), and NFPA 105 (2019) Toolkit
Help prevent the spread of smoke and fire through openings and HVAC systems with this three-pack bundle.
NFPA 80 (2016) Swinging Fire Door Inspection Toolkit
Improve your capacity to understand and apply 13 points of inspection and testing for swinging fire doors.
$ 173.50
NFPA 241, Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations (2019) Toolkit
Improve job site and facility safety with best practices for preventing or reducing fire dangers to structures during construction, alteration, and demolition operations.
2018 NFPA 101® and NFPA 99  Toolkit
Help safeguard lives and better ensure code compliance at your facility.
NFPA 51B Hot Work Safety Toolkit
Learn how to recognize hazards and help avoid fires started by hot work.
NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Code and Handbook Set
Upgrade your knowledge of health care facility fundamentals and be better prepared to help keep people and property safe.


Investing in NFPA Group On-Site, Online, or Live Virtual Training provides a competitive advantage by helping to build a more competent workforce—enabling your team to take on more complex projects by elevating its understanding of the latest codes and standards. Complement your internal safety training with high-impact instruction designed to reduce the risks of accidents, failed inspections, and costly rework. Click on the link below for assistance customizing a group online training program to your requirements.

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Online Training

Get up to speed with the latest requirements for safeguarding premises based on construction, protection, and occupancy features in the life of a building.

Online Training

This in-depth, digital series helps provide the knowledge and skills to navigate and apply provisions that address fire prevention and protection in all types of buildings.

Online Training

Fire and Life Safety Operator Online Training helps increase the competency of full- or part-time personnel who can have an impact on fire and life safety in high-rise buildings.

Online Training

This self-paced online course offers instruction in identifying everyday on-site fire hazards and how to deal with them, with knowledge checks throughout to confirm your understanding along the way.

Instructor-Led Training

This high-impact training presents a unique opportunity to practice Life Safety Code application in an interactive online environment based on a scenario in a real-world setting. The 2021 edition provides the most current safety criteria with key revisions that adapt to new technologies, materials, and construction practices.

Online Training

This innovative four-part program features interactive exercises and scenario-based training, covering everything from medical gas and vacuum systems to electrical systems, gas equipment, and features of fire protection.

Online Training

This online program features four learning modules to help improve your knowledge in applying inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements.

Online Training

This entry-level course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of improving fire protection and life safety criteria with NFPA-developed content, instructional videos, and interactive exercises.

Online Training

Take this course to increase your knowledge about inspection, testing, and maintenance, (ITM) provisions as outlined in NFPA 25, NFPA 72®, and NFPA 80.

Online Training

The Certified Fire Plan Examiner (CFPE) Learning Path Online Training, along with your self-study of the NFPA 1, NFPA 13, NFPA 25, NFPA 72®, and NFPA 101®, offers everything you need to help get prepared for the rigorous CFPE exam.

Onsite Training

NFPA programs have helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies successfully navigate the world of building and life safety. Get connected with a sales representative to learn how we can support your company in its safety goals today.

Be a Certified Game-Changer

NFPA certifications are a powerful tool for verifying core building and life safety competencies of skilled workers and instilling confidence your team is capable of getting the job done right. We offer programs focused on fire inspection, facility safety, hazard recognition, power systems, and more.

Explore All NFPA Certifications
Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS®)
Certified Fire Inspector I (CFI-I)
Certified Life Safety Specialist (CLSS)

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Every day there is more to learn. Keep up to date on the latest happenings, resources, information, and breakthroughs in the building and life safety industry in our resource pages.



Watch the recent webinar Addressing Fire Safety Challenges During Construction as panelists share their first-hand experience and insights on protecting job sites from the risks of fire, including the important role of the Fire Prevention Program Manager, as outlined in NFPA 241.

Our Construction Site Fire Safety Fact Sheet provides measures for helping to prevent or minimize fire damage to structures during construction, alteration, or demolition.