First responders play a vital role in keeping our communities safer and minimizing loss of life, liabilities, and property damage. NFPA® provides resources and knowledge to help them be better prepared when emergencies occur. From hostile event response planning to fire science research and technical rescue operations, we are your expert source for the most current codes and standards, certifications, training, and resources to help keep you and your team up to date and your community protected.

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Introducing the NFPA Conference Series: Leadership for Emergency Responders - January 25, 2022

Join NFPA® for the Leadership for Emergency Responders program. This one-day program will provide you with in-depth educational sessions, networking events, and live chats with industry experts and NFPA staff. Tune in live January 25 to earn up to 5 credit hours (0.5 CEU) and earn an additional 5 credit hours on demand for a total of 10 credit hours (1.0 CEU). Sessions will focus on transformational leadership; diversity, equity, and inclusion; mental health and resilience; data-driven leadership; fire prevention; community risk reduction; and emerging issues related to codes and standards.

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Research and Data

NFPA® studies fire data in detail to provide insights about the overall fire problem, firefighter fatalities and injuries, major fire causes, fire protection systems, and many other topics. Through the Fire Protection Research Foundation, we work with organizations around the world to investigate emerging fire safety hazards and solutions.

New! Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground

This report reviews injuries experienced by U.s. firefighters on the fireground for the five-year period from 2015-2019.

New! Intentional Structure Fires

This report contains detailed analysis of intentionally set fires involving structures, while also reporting the total number of intentionally set fires in vehicles and outside or unclassified fires.

New! Fires in Dormitory-Type Properties

This report highlights the number of fires from 2015-2019 in dormitories, fraternities, sororities, and barracks reported to U.S. fire departments.

NFPA 2400 Fact Sheet

This fact sheet explains how NFPA® 2400 can be used to help public safety and emergency response officials develop and integrate a drone program into their incident response operations.

Energy Storage Systems Fact Sheet

This fact sheet that explains the hazards involved with energy storage system installations and the measures that can be taken to help reduce the risks.

Fire Safety in the United States Since 1980

A report examining the various factors that have contributed to the decline in the number of fires and civilian fire deaths.

An Analysis of Firefighter Breathing Air Replenishment Systems

A report that provides an overview of the use, cost, inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements of FARS.

Fireground Exposure of Firefighters: A Literature Review

A comprehensive literature review to understand the matrix of carcinogen exposure risks firefighters face in the course of their job tasks on the fireground.

The Economics of Firefighter Injuries in the United States

A report highlighting the total costs of firefighter injuries in the United States.

PPE and Fire Service Gear Cleaning Validation

The goal of these two ongoing studies is to determine implementable cleaning, decontamination, and disinfection strategies to reduce Fire Fighter exposures to persistent contaminants.

Firefighter Injuries in the United States

This report includes statistics on line-of-duty firefighter injuries from NFPA’s survey of fire departments – including non-incident related injuries, trends, and brief narratives on selected incidents. This report focuses on acute injuries and recorded exposures versus chronic exposures.

Firefighter Fatalities in the United States

This report summarizes the statistics from NFPA’s most recent studies focusing on the deaths and injuries of firefighters that are due to specific events while on duty.

Fire Loss in the United States

NFPA's annual fire department experience survey found that local fire departments responded to an estimated 1,388,500 fires in 2020. This report provides 2020 estimates and trends for reported fires, civilian deaths and injuries, and direct property loss overall, and by broad property classes and incident types.

US Fire Department Profile

This report provides an overview of local and municipal fire departments. The analysis includes firefighters, fire departments, apparatus, and stations.

Keep Up with Change. Evolve with It.

NFPA Online Training provides the high-impact instruction you and your team need in an intuitive web-based format that lets you learn whenever and wherever is most convenient. Our engaging, expert-developed courses help inform and empower skilled professions to improve safety and job performance and minimize liabilities and loss. Learn more about our complete selection of available online training programs on emergency response industry essentials.

Online Training

This innovative new training program provides the most current knowledge and guidance for drone public safety program administration and operations. Free for all US fire service.

Online Training

Increase your understanding of cutting-edge procedures and best practices for responding to fire incidents with instruction based on the latest scientific research and testing using 2021 NFPA 1700 recommendations.

Online Training

NFPA 3000™ Online Training offers in-depth instruction in how to help your community or organization coordinate, manage, and sustain an active shooter/hostile event response program to minimize risks and reduce the impacts of these potentially catastrophic incidents.

Online Training

Be prepared for the unique challenges of responding to fires and emergencies involving alternative fuel passenger vehicles. This course offers a Fire/Rescue or EMS Edition to tailor the learning experience to your practice area.

Online Training

This course helps provide personnel responsible for reducing fire loss with a better understanding of the role construction features, built-in equipment, and confinement techniques play in keeping fires contained within the compartment of origin in a building.

Online Training

Receive top-quality instruction in safely handling emergencies involving high voltage energy storage and photovoltaic systems through highly interactive learning modules that feature realistic simulations, visual learning aids, and data review exercises.

Online Training

Review the chemistry and dynamics of fire science and behavior and receive instruction in the approaches to detecting fire and determining how it can be extinguished with this interactive NFPA training.

Online Training

Loaded with advanced features and exclusive content, this training teaches how aspects of human behavior concerning reactions to fire emergencies can impact building design and dictate the fundamental concepts of proper egress design and code requirements.

Online Training

Help improve your knowledge and ability to organize pre-incident planning, fire emergency training, and public systems management to impact the safety and effectiveness of fire and rescue response operations.

Online Training

This one-hour course focuses on helping fire service personnel improve their knowledge of how to respond to emergency incidents involving flammable refrigerants safely.

It starts with insights.

CRAIG 1300™ is a game-changing suite of community risk assessment (CRA) dashboard tools powered by mySidewalk uniquely aligned with NFPA 1300. These tools will enable you to quickly and easily generate and visualize all-around insights into the unique risks, hazards, and capacities in your community for a more effective data-informed risk reduction plan with community stakeholder buy-in.

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NFPA 921 (2021) and NFPA 1033 (2022) Fire Investigations Set
This set includes a pair of resources that complement each other in helping to ensure you have the knowledge to investigate fire incidents accurately and safely.
NFPA 3000, Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program (2021) Toolkit
Provides access to the latest framework and requirements along with innovative online training on developing an effective plan based on the level of risk of the incident.
NFPA 1600® (2019) and NFPA 3000 TM (2021) Toolkit
Provides the standards and criteria to develop a comprehensive, multidisciplinary emergency preparedness program and establish and maintain crisis management capabilities.
NFPA 921 (2017) and NFPA 1033 (2014) Fire Investigations Set
This cost-effect set brings together the go-to resource for criteria for performing the responsibilities of a fire investigator with the premier source for guidance in conducting fire and explosion investigations.
NFPA 101® (2021), NFPA 1600® (2019), and NFPA 3000™ (2021) Toolkit
Access the information required to help keep your community safe and prepared for all types of emergencies in this toolkit.
NFPA 99 (2021) and NFPA 101® (2021) Codes and NFPA 3000 TM (2021) Toolkit
Offers fundamental guidelines for life safety for all types of occupancies including health care facilities, while addressing the growing threat of active shooter or other hostile events.


Certifications provide a fair, valid, and reliable way to verify your knowledge, skills, and abilities. NFPA offers a range of programs for confirming competency in your practice area, including new online Learning Paths to help you conveniently prepare for the subject matter on specific certification exams. Plan your successful journey to certification to earn the recognition you deserve.

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Join NFPA at Becoming a Better Leader for First Responders on January 25, 2022. The day-long conference event will feature accessible and affordable educational content, industry roundtable discussions, networking opportunities, live chat sessions, exhibitor demonstrations, and more. LEARN MORE.



June 6-9, 2022, Boston, MA. Each year the NFPA Conference & Expo® helps to educate thousands of professionals in the fire and life safety community, including hundreds of emergency responders. In addition to the conference, over 300 companies exhibit products and services focusing on fire and life safety in the expo hall. LEARN MORE.