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Alternative fuel vehicle safety training for crash reconstruction operators

NFPA offers online safety training to crash reconstruction operators as they increasingly engage in investigation involving alternatively fueled vehicles. The five part educational video series will provide investigators with the information they need to safely operate around and conduct AFV accident reconstructions, while insuring the safety of the public.

Section 1 - Introduction

The first video in this series acts as an introduction to operating at incidents involving AFVs, and provides an overview of the various vehicle types.

Section 2 - Electrical Safety & Fuel Properties

The second video provides an overview of electrical safety, natural gas, propane, and hydrogen properties.

Section 3 – Vehicle Systems & Components

The third video includes an overview of vehicle systems and components specific to electric, hybrid, fuel cell, and gaseous fuel vehicles.

Section 4 - Initial On-scene Steps

The fourth video provides an overview of initial on-scene steps, vehicle identification, immobilization methods, and disabling procedures.

Section 5 – Post Crash Actions

The fifth and final video in this series covers post crash inspections, vehicle recovery and loading, vehicle storage, and harvesting of emergency data recorder information.


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