Hank BlackwellHank Blackwell
Hank Blackwell’s 30-year career in emergency services includes serving as the Deputy Fire Chief for Operations and Administration and County Fire Marshal for the Santa Fe (NM) County Fire Department. Previously he served as Assistant Fire Chief for Wildland, EMS and Special Operations for the Los Alamos (TX) County Fire Department. Hank is a current member of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group and consults on a number of emergency planning and wildfire mitigation issues.


Pat Durland

Pat Durland
With more than 35 years of experience and dedication to reducing wildfire losses, Pat Durland started Stone Creek Fire LLC to share wildfire loss reduction strategies with individuals and communities facing these potential losses. Since 2004, Stone Creek Fire has played a national role in developing and implementing wildfire mitigation principles and programs that reduce these potential tragedies and damages by fighting wildfire losses "smarter, rather than harder!


Gary MarshallGary Marshall
Gary Marshall is a former deputy fire chief in Bend, Oregon, and an outspoken advocate of Firewise in the fire service community. He has partnered with residents and local governments to support the Deschutes County "Project Wildfire" and "FireFree" programs in addition to teaching HIZ courses.