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Certified Fire Alarm ITM Specialist (CFAITMS) for Facility Managers

Certified Fire Alarm Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Specialist (CFAITMS) for Facility Managers logo

The NFPA Certified Fire Alarm ITM Specialist (CFAITMS) program was created in 2016 after extensive market research was conducted with facility managers from a cross section of industries.

The research indicated a strong desire among facility mangers to have a credential that highlights their knowledge of the many challenges associated with a robust fire alarm inspection, testing, and maintenance program, and how to keep their facilities in compliance with NFPA 72®, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

Program goals
  • Recognize and provide evidence of competence in the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems
  • Ensure proficiency in the use of NFPA 72®, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code
  • Enhance professionalism 
  • Promote professional development
  • Ensure a uniform, fair process for certification that is accessible to everyone
Program benefits 

Be recognized by your colleagues as an expert; Gain confidence in your abilities; Improve your job performance; Position yourself for career advancement; Certificate holders also receive a CFAITMS certificate

Test Center website

To locate a computer based testing center near you, visit the test center website.

CFAITMS materials

IMPORTANT: NFPA wants to partner with you to protect your personal information – NEVER INCLUDE PERSONAL AND/OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT INFORMATION IN THE BODY OF ANY EMAIL – If you wish to email your application or other personal documentation, it must be placed within an attached document, and you must use the NFPA secure email server. Once you access this server and create your NFPA secure email account, you should select OTHER from the "To" pull-down list, and then enter in the address box. Complete the email process by attaching your personal documentation and clicking "Send." Remember your new NFPA secure email account information for future secure communications with NFPA.

Reference materials

The exam is based on the 2016 edition of NFPA 72®, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. It is the candidate’s responsibility to obtain this reference source for study purposes and to have present during the examination. It is the only reference source allowed in the examination room. If you would like to purchase this document, please go to the online catalog



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