Navigate through the training

To get the most out of your online learning experience, you’ll need to know a few basics to get started. Let’s begin with how to navigate through the training.

  • On each slide you will hear voice over audio. When that audio is complete you may click the Forward button to move to the next slide, or use the Back button to go to the previous slide. Click Play/Pause any time you’d like to pause the training, then click the button again to continue playback.
  • The Sound Control On/Off button will mute and unmute the voice over audio, you may also hide or show the closed captioning displaying at the bottom of the screen by clicking the Closed Captioning On/Off button.
  • The Menu on the left side displays the lessons within the training. If you have completed a lesson you are able to click the lesson name to go directly to that section of the training.
  • To view a list of terms and definitions, click the Glossary button. The glossary contains an alphabetical listing of terms and acronyms used in this training. If you have questions about a term or acronym, you can use the glossary to look up the meaning before you move on.
  • The slide counter displays the current slide number and total number of slides so you can keep track of where you are in the lesson.
  • If you exit the training in the middle of a lesson, when you log back in you will need to start the lesson again. It is best that you complete a lesson before exiting the training. To exit the training, click the Exit button.