Give your organization a competitive edge by investing in high-impact learning designed to help reduce the risks of accidents, failed inspections, and costly rework. NFPA® On-Site, Live Virtual, and Online Training courses are designed to help build a more competent workforce no matter where you are in the world—enabling your team to take on more complex projects by elevating its understanding of the latest codes and standards. Our traditional and web-based classroom training offers the opportunity to learn in your environment with the perspective of an experienced NFPA instructor joining you on-site or via a real-time digital interface. You can also take advantage of the value and flexibility of self-paced online training to provide employees with quality instruction they can complete whenever and wherever works best. Book today by calling +1 877 336-3280 (US and Canada), +1 617 770-3000 (International), or contact us here.

Our Unique Expertise

Expert Instruction — Experienced NFPA instructors deftly guide you through the code, adapting their instruction to respond to your team’s specific needs.

Top-Flight Training Materials — Informative, easy-to-follow workbooks and copies of the relevant code are provided to all participants.

Hassle-Free Implementation — Our dedicated Account Managers work with you to identify the right program to meet the needs of your organization and ensure delivery is seamless and hassle-free.

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Your Unique Experience

Convenience — Save time and money by having our NFPA instructors teach your team at your facility in-person or live from a remote location.

Customized Application — On-site sessions are tailored to your environment, allowing your team to ask relevant questions and apply the code right there.

Valuable CEUs — NFPA is approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), so all attendees earn continuing education units.

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“NFPA’s knowledgeable instructor made the program all worthwhile. He knew his subject extremely well and also was very flexible with regard to taking questions, reviewing concepts, and putting the code to practical applications within our facility.”

– Mark Kastner, Supervisor, Construction Projects Group, Maintenance Department, St. John’s Hospital, Springfield, MO

“There’s only so much the code can do in black and white… NFPA’s instructor was able to explain the intent behind requirements. Understanding the background enables you to solve problems on your own.”

– Stephanie D. Ireland, AIA, LEED AP-BD+C, CEO and Principal Architect, Ireland Architects, Springfield, MO

"The instructor was knowledgeable about our industry and had a professional 'can-do' attitude… This training will help keep our accident/injury low and ensure our terminals remain safe. Great class!”

- Daniel Thomas, Terminal Manager, NuStar Energy, Stockton, CA


NFPA is the unequivocal industry leader in code development and knowledge. Choose from a wide range of training (including in Spanish) and code subjects to receive updated, relevant information that specifically addresses your organization’s needs. Your training options include instructor-led On-Site Training or Live Virtual Training that replicates our in-person courses in addition to innovative NFPA Online Learning that lets your team train on their own schedule.

Download the brochure to review the training available for electrical, building and life safety, fire alarm and signaling, hazardous materials, and more.

Download List of Available Courses

• National Electrical Code® Essentials (Available in Spanish)
• NFPA 70E®, Electrical Safety in the Workplace® (Available in Spanish)
• NFPA 79, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery
• NFPA 70B, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance (Available in Spanish)
• Hazardous (Classified) Locations Analysis of Changes
• Developing an Electrical Safety Program

• NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code® (Available in Spanish)
• NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code® Essentials (Available in Spanish)
• Focus on Occupancies (Available in Spanish)
• NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code® Essentials for Health Care Occupancies
• NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code
• NFPA 101® and NFPA 99 Changes
• NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives
• Life Safety Code® Plan Review

• NFPA 72®, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code® (Available in Spanish)
• NFPA 72® Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems
• Fire Alarm Plans Review

• NFPA 13 Installation of Sprinkler Systems (Available in Spanish)
• NFPA 13 Residential Sprinkler Design
• Automatic Sprinkler Systems Plans Review
• NFPA 20 Fire Pumps (Available in Spanish)
• NFPA 25 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems (Available in Spanish)
• Special Suppression Systems

• NFPA 1600® Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs (Available in Spanish)
• Emergency Evacuation

• NFPA 30, Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code (Available in Spanish)
• NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code
• NFPA 58, LP-Gas Code (Available in Spanish)
• Safe Practices for Dust Hazard Processes
• Safe Tank Entry

• NFPA 1, Fire Code (Available in Spanish)
• NFPA 3 and 4 Commissioning and Integrated Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems (Available in Spanish)
• Code Requirements for Maintaining Fire and Life Safety Systems
• NFPA 92, Standard for Smoke Control Systems
• NFPA 350, Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work (Available in Spanish)
• Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire
• Hot Work Safety (Available in Spanish)

• Certified Fire Protection Specialist Primer (CFPS®)
• Certified Fire Inspector I
• Certified Fire Inspector II
• Certified Fire Plan Examiner (CFPE)


NFPA Training includes a variety of convenient ways to access it: On-Site, Live Virtual, and Online Training. To find the right solution to fit your organization’s training needs and learn more about group pricing, download our brochure then connect with a sales representative by emailing

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