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NFPA On-Site Training

Our on-location training programs are custom-designed to address your safety and educational requirements and establish a common language and information-base for your team.

Bringing members of your organization together in the same room to receive knowledge and training from expert NFPA® instructors is among the most effective and efficient solutions for addressing one-the-job and workplace safety concerns. On-site training allows participants to learn in their own environment, putting codes into context and bringing them to life. Our handpicked educators have the expertise to provide a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind codes, leaving individuals and teams with a firmer grasp on how to apply requirements to practical applications.

Join the ranks of ConocoPhillips, NASA, Proctor & Gamble, the U.S. Navy, and many other leading businesses, institutions, and government agencies that have benefited from in-person NFPA instruction at their facilities. We’ll partner with you to tailor a program that meets your objectives and maximizes the impact of this unique learning experience.

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Additional details and benefits include:
  • On-site convenience – Save time and money by having expert NFPA instructors visit your facility and employees.
  • Customized application – On-site sessions are tailored to your environment, allowing your team to ask relevant questions and apply the code right there.
  • Valuable CEUs – NFPA is approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), so all attendees earn continuing education units.
  • Expert instruction – Experienced NFPA instructors deftly guide you through the code, adapting their instruction to respond to your team’s specific needs.
  • Top-flight training materials – Informative, easy-to-follow workbooks and copies of the relevant code are provided to all participants.
  • Instant implementation – Our professional development staff handles all consulting and scheduling details, making the process completely seamless and hassle-free. 

What's being said about NFPA on-site training

"We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure safety, and we want to make sure the NEC® is followed during installation, operation, and maintenance of our products.  Having NFPA's National Electrical Code® Essentials training at our facility was a great way to learn how the NEC addresses wire sizing, electrical workspace, and other concepts. For example, to help us understand compliance failure and how it might affect product safety, NFPA's instructor elaborated on what the hazards would have been if improper sizing were selected. Our instructor was very open to questions and made sure we understood the issues and could solve problems on our own before moving on.  I would definitely participate in another NFPA training. In fact, I am currently looking into training for NFPA 70E®."
Melinda Ammerman, Product Safety Engineer, GE Energy, Greenville, NC 

"I'm responsible for life safety drawings for surveyable components in St. John's Hospital and in other buildings on campus.  It was very helpful to have NFPA's Life Safety Code® training right at our facility. The Life Safety Code® is quite complex, so a refresher course makes me more comfortable with the Code. The training's audio-visual component was nicely varied with interactive elements. Live-action footage makes more of an impression than anything else. NFPA's knowledgeable instructor made the program all worthwhile.  He knew his subject extremely well and also was very flexible with regard to taking questions, reviewing concepts, and putting the Code to practical applications within our facility. We covered lots of ground and it was always interesting and memorable. I think the instructor even incorporated photos he took at our site into the presentation."
- Mark Kastner, Supervisor, Construction Projects Group, Maintenance Department, St. John's Hospital, Springfield, MO 

"There are so many policies and procedures for confined spaces in a clean fuels terminal. API/NFPA Safe Tank Entry is worth its weight in gold because it provides comprehensive training that helps us continuously improve safety. All managers face the same requirements and hurdles to overcome in daily operations. API/NFPA Safe Tank Entry brought us together as a team and offered a venue to ask questions and learn the finer details of testing confined spaces. The instructor was knowledgeable about our industry and had a professional 'can-do' attitude. If he didn't know the answer to a specific question, he was willing to help us find the solution. This training will help to keep our accident/injury low and ensure our terminals remain safe. Great class!”
Daniel Thomas, Terminal Manager, NuStar Energy, Stockton, CA 

"I use NFPA 101® on a daily basis and often need to explain concepts to clients and staff.  There's only so much the Code can do in black and white – attending the on-site Life Safety Code® training was very helpful because NFPA's instructor was able to explain the intent behind requirements. Understanding the background enables you to solve problems on your own. It was wonderful to attend the training along with my client because we all received the same information about Code reasoning and are on the same page. The training's visuals illustrated application in practice. I really enjoyed gaining new Code knowledge from the authority."
Stephanie D. Ireland, AIA, LEED AP - BD+C, CEO and Principal Architect, Ireland Architects, Springfield, MO

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Instructors who are NFPA employees are compensated for their time by salaried compensation and non-employee instructors are compensated at the successful completion of the course in accordance with the annual instructor agreement signed by the instructor. Prior to each training, non-employee instructors shall make it known to learners any proprietary interest in a product or service discussed. The instructor shall not promote products or services during any NFPA training activity.