Accessing Your webinar

In order to participate in this NFPA training, you will need to do the following steps.

  1. You received a reminder email for the webinar open that email. (If you have not received a reminder email please contact our customer service).
  2. Open the reminder email and click the event URL link that is provided.

You will be brought to a login page. Please enter in the email address that was used to register for the webinar and click JOIN THE WEBINAR! button.

Accessing your NFPA webinar

From here you will be redirected to the Adobe Connect Event room. You may see messaging stating that the host has not yet started the meeting. Please stay on this page until the host begins the meeting and you will be brought to the room.

Accessing your webinar

If there are any technical difficulties please contact customer support at +1 800 344-3555 or +1 617 770-3000 (international).