Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings

Wednesday, May 30, 12:30-2:00 pm EDT

Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings
Joseph Su, Ph.D., National Research Council of Canada

Presenters: Daniel Brandon, Ph.D. Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), Joseph Su, Ph.D., National Research Council of Canada

Under the auspices of the Fire Protection Research Foundation, the second phase research on fire safety challenges of tall wood buildings was conducted to quantify the contribution of cross-laminated timber (CLT) building elements in compartment fires. The research encompassed literature review, experiments and modeling. Based on gap identification in the literature review, a series of full-scale CLT compartment fire tests were designed and conducted under various exposure conditions and produced a large amount of experimental data including heat release rates, heat fluxes, char patterns and char depths. The experimental data were analyzed and used to quantify the contribution of CLT building elements to compartment fires. Additionally, an intermediate scale fire testing method was developed to identify adhesives that lead to an improved fire performance and a reduced contribution of CLT to the fire. An engineering calculation method, validated using the experimental results, was refined to predict the influence of exposed CLT on the severity and the duration of compartment fires. The technical data developed from this project will enable designers to develop a fire protection strategy to mitigate the potential hazard to occupants, fire fighters and property. The full final report on this research is available from FPRF website.

Who will benefit: Designers, Property Managers, Researchers, Facility Managers, Fire Protection Engineers, Enforcers, AHJs, Material providers, Emergency managers, Incident commanders.

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