Oxygen Reduction Systems for Warehouse Storage Applications

Thursday, February 7, 2019, 12:30-2:00 p.m.

Oxygen Reduction Systems for Warehouse Storage Applications
Dr. Patrick van Hees, Lund University

Presenters: Dr. Patrick van Hees, Lund University, Dr. Brian Meacham, Meacham Associates, Martin Nilsson, Zurich Insurance, John Barton, Lund University

Oxygen reduction (or hypoxic) systems are being used in warehouse facilities as an alternative to sprinkler protection. The basic principle of operation is to displace the ambient oxygen in an enclosed environment with one or more nitrogen generators. Two test methods that are available today to determine the reduced oxygen level needed for property fire protection purposes are described in VdS 3527, Oxygen Reduction Systems Planning and Installation and British Standards Institution PAS 95 (BSI PAS 95), Hypoxic Air Fire Prevention Systems. However, there are concerns expressed about these two methods. The Research Foundation facilitated a project titled “Review of Oxygen Reduction Systems for Warehouse Storage Applications” with a goal to conduct a literature review to clarify the current state of oxygen reduction system design and testing and perform a gap analysis by comparing current approaches to real-world applications.

Who will benefit: Facility Managers, Researchers, Engineers, Fire Protection Engineers, Building Officials, AHJs

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