SUPDET® 2018: Energy Storage System Workshop

Friday, November 30, 12:30-3:30 pm ET

SUPDET® 2018: Energy Storage System Workshop

Presenter: See below

The objective of this workshop is to review preliminary design concepts which illustrate innovative approaches to fire protection of a case study ESS installation within a high-rise building to meet the general design objective of minimizing loss and preventing re-ignition hazards. Concepts which illustrate unique design approaches will be presented in this webinar.


  • Fire Fighter Safety in Battery Energy Storage System Fires - Presenters: Kevin Marr and Erik Archibald, University of Texas
  • Update on Development of Sprinkler Protection for Li-Ion Battery based Energy Storage Systems - Presenter: Benjamin Ditch, FM Global
  • Design Concept Submittal 01- Koffel Associates - Presenter: Steve Welsh
  • Design Concept Submittal 02- Jensen Hughes & CalPoly - Presenters: Garner Palenske and David Morrisset
  • Design Concept Submittal 03- Fire & Risk Alliance - Presenter: Noah Ryder
  • Design Concept Submittal 04- NEXCERIS - Presenter: Steve Cummings

Who will benefit: Engineers, researchers, insurers, designers, manufacturers, installers, and AHJs

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