Webinar - Storage Protection under Sloped Ceilings

Thursday, August 29, 12:30-2 p.m. EDT

Storage Protection under Sloped Ceilings
Prateep Chatterjee, AVP, Senior Lead Research Scientist, FM Global

Presenters: Prateep Chatterjee, AVP, Senior Lead Research Scientist, FM Global, Noah Ryder, Managing Partner, Fire & Risk Alliance

In the event of a fire, a sloped ceiling may alter sprinkler performance from expected results for a conventional horizontal ceiling configuration. Computational studies were conducted to investigate the effect of ceiling slope on sprinkler activation times and patterns as well as spray dynamics. The roles of obstructed ceiling construction and sprinkler orientation were investigated in detail, and a test plan for cold-flow and large-scale fire tests was developed. Cold-flow tests were conducted using a variety of different sprinklers to examine the impact of ceiling slope and deflector orientation on the measured floor flux. The cold-flow test results helped to further refine the test plan for the large-scale fire testing. Based on the final test plan, a series of large-scale fire suppression tests was conducted with pendent, early suppression, fast-response sprinklers under sloped ceilings in the presence of obstructed ceiling construction. The large-scale testing and modeling results will provide guidance for updates to sprinkler installation standards.

Who will benefit: Researchers, engineers, fire protection engineers, designers, facility managers

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