The ABCs of Educational Messaging

Tuesday, August 28, 3:00 - 4:00 pm EDT

The ABCs of educational messaging
Meredith Hawes, NFPA Regional Education Specialist

Presenter: Meredith Hawes, NFPA Regional Education Specialist

Great communication requires great tools: a message; a sender; a receiver; the ability to code and encode information; and a response. How do fire departments fit all that into a tweet, an info-graphic, a press release, or an advertisement? Understanding the basics – the ABCs – of fire-prevention core messaging is critical to the process of customizing calls to action, especially while we have the public’s attention during Fire Prevention Week! In this 60/90-minute session, NFPA Regional Education Specialist Meredith Hawes will guide prevention and fire/life safety educators through the communication process using safety messages. The presentation includes strategies for targeting specific audiences, and exercises to help participants refine their messaging based on community risk reduction, demographics, cultural factors and local needs and circumstances.

Who will benefit: Fire and life safety educators

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