CEST Certification Advisory Group

NFPA would like to thank the volunteer committee that helped develop the Certified Electrical Safety Technician (CEST) Certification. In the course of their work, committee members performed a job task analysis, determined the exam weighted criteria, and created the exam content. The hard work and dedication of the following individuals, along with the rest of the volunteer committee, made the development of this credential possible.

John Adams

Adams is currently serving as an Environmental Health and Safety representative for a small to medium sized automotive component manufacturer in Southern Indiana. I have been actively conducting the role of workplace safety representation for approximately 4 years. I have worked in the automotive, chemical, and industrial service industries throughout my career. In addition to maintaining my work requirements of regulatory compliance and best practice implementation at my employer, I am also currently pursuing my Master of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health. I have had the fortune of not only working with electricity directly when servicing locations for customers, maintaining equipment at employers, and assisting in trouble shooting equipment for different environmental controls throughout the workplace, I also ensure the correct PPE is available, and that our employees are adequately trained on the hazards presented by electrical equipment. I greatly look forward to this opportunity to assist in enhancing worker knowledge, and extendedly, enhance the safety of those

SeaRay Beltran

Mr. Beltran is the Principal/Consultant/Trainer for Pacific Islands Risk Management (PIRM) Group International, LLC and is an advisory committee member for www.iashep.org.  Mr. Beltran’s professional career began when he was a US Naval Diving Instructor. He has over 26 plus years of progressive risk management, environment, faculty management, safety and health and security experience in both private and government sector. He focuses on representing employers and trade associations in all aspects of the OSH Act. His practice includes consulting and training clients in regulatory compliance with the standards and regulations which OSHA, NFPA, FHWA/MUTCD and the state plans have promulgated. Mr. Beltran enjoys educating clients in understanding the role of a facility manager, sustainability facility management, and how it can assist by making sure the number one priority of an FM is keeping people alive and safe.

Mr. Beltran is a Sustainable Facility Professional and a certified building operation level 1 with expertise in wind turbines and photovoltaic installation and maintenance.

Mr. Beltran also provides pro bono training to Hawaii Federal OSHA, HIOSH and the general public as a give back to the community. Other regions covers for consultation and training are Guam, Mariana Islands, Micronesia and American Samoa.

Jay Bowen, President, Bowen & Associates, LLC
  • Associate’s Degree in Electronics Technology
  • Wisconsin Electrical Masters Certification
  • Wisconsin Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification
  • Wisconsin State Electrical Systems Designer’s License
  •  BPI  Certified Building Analyst

Jay has been involved in the electrical and building trades since 1977.

He has been using and instructing infrared thermography as a condition monitoring tool since the mid-90s. He has designed, developed and taught classes in thermography, motor control, power quality, instrumentation, electrical safety and automation systems. Jay has taught all certification levels and applications for the use of thermography.

Jay is a popular speaker for applications of thermography. He has presented at ResNet conferences 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012 and at WECC 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, the National Weatherization conference 2009, the Black Hills Power Summit 2012, Doble conference 2012, 2013 and ACI conference 2010. He was a featured speaker and presenter at the Energy Out West conference in Spokane in May 2016 and the NCCAA 2017 in Charlotte. He presented clinics and papers at all Inframation conferences from 2003 to 2014.

Bill Brooks, PE

Principal of Brooks Engineering and has nearly 30 years of experience designing, installing, and evaluating grid-connected PV systems. He has written numerous technical manuals and articles for the PV industry that are widely used throughout the United States and beyond. He was the lead technical advisor developing the IAEI PV Online Training for Code Officials (PVOT). His publications include the Expedited Permit Process for PV Systems, the Field Inspection Guidelines for PV Systems, and Understanding the CalFire Solar PV Installation Guidelines. Mr. Brooks is an active participant on many national and international codes and standards panels including UL1703 (PV Modules), UL1741 (Inverters), and UL2703 (Mounting Systems) Standards Technical Panels. He represents the Photovoltaic Industry Code Council on Code Making Panel 4 of the National Electrical Code (NEC). He recently chaired the NFPA Article 690 Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Article 691-Large-Scale PV Electric Supply Stations, and Firefighter Safety Task Groups for the NEC.

Bill Doss


Chris Dunn

Chris has spent over 20 years in the heavy manufacturing space.  Starting with diesel engine environments with both Cummins and Caterpillar, to the heavy equipment division of Caterpillar, to now in the automotive field with Nissan North America. The one consistent paradigm that he has found throughout his career is the importance of reliability and its impact on maintenance safety. His goal is to build reliable processes that do not require high pressure reactive repairs but instead allow for scheduled, pre-planned work where all the potential risks are thoughtfully mitigated. He hopes is that he can provide input into the new CEST program that will help Technicians develop their risk identification and safety behavior skills. 

Chris enjoys automobile restoration and aviation. He has restored a number of antique vehicles, tractors, and even an airplane that he still currently flies.

Greg Janke
Dante Saldivia

Dante is an electronics engineer; he was born in a small city in Argentina, after obtaining his degree he moved to Rosario city looking for new opportunities.

Saldivia has increased his knowledge and skills about electricity, instrumentation and automation. In addition, he was in charge of planning and supervising electrical and instrumentation works.

In 2010, he accepted to move to Vietnam to be responsible for the electrical project for a new crushing plant, the first one in Vietnam.

When the project was finished, the company proposed to him to stay for three more years to compose and train the permanent maintenance team. At this time, he also worked in ASIA writing specification for different projects, and carrying out the rules for a safety electrical work based in NFPA. In 2014, he came back, and currently is leading a team in Ammonia and UREA plant.

Laks Sampath

Laks heads U.S. and Latin America activities for Alectris. With over a decade of solar PV experience, he articulates a cultivated and seasoned industry perspective in his leadership for the company. Sampath’s solar photovoltaic expertise covers a wide range of installation sizes, types and terrains. These include sites ranging from 2KW to 20MW; residential, commercial and utility scale construction and design through full commissioning responsibilities. Geographically his expertise encompasses the U.S., Mexico and Italy.

Prior to his post with Alectris, he served as the Director, Operations and Maintenance at NRG Home Solar. His industry career encompasses work with leading firms in the solar industry including Trina Solar, NeoZyte, Inc. and SPG Solar, Inc.

Sampath is a strong advocate of designing optimally performing PV systems and more importantly ensuring years of production with proper attention to operations and maintenance. He has forwarded this vision as a speaker at industry forums including Solar Power International, Solar Power Generation, PV America, Sandia Lab Reliability conferences, the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Symposium and SunSpec Alliance events. Sampath serves on O&M working groups for SEIA, the Solar Energy Industries Association and for the SunSpec Alliance.

In addition to being a mechanical engineering graduate of Bangalore University, Sampath holds a MS ME from University of Texas at Arlington and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Santa Clara University in California.