Certified Fire Protection Specialist
For our CFPS certificate holders

As a CFPS Certificate Holder (CH) in good standing, you may download the official CFPS Certificate Holder logo to place on your letterhead, business cards…anywhere you wish to emphasize your CFPS affiliation.

Please follow these guidelines when using your CFPS logo. The logo may not be revised or altered in any way. The logo must be displayed in the same form as produced by CFPS and cannot be reproduced unless such reproduction is identical to the logos provided by CFPS.

  1. The CFPS logo is meant to identify a CH as opposed to a business. The logo may be used only on the CH´s business cards, stationery, forms showing the CH´s letterhead, inspection tags, and similar documents on which the name and address of the CH is prominently displayed.
  2. The logo may not be used in any manner that detracts from the high ideals of the CFPS.
  3. The CFPS logo may not be used in any manner which would tend to imply a connection between CFPS and the member which, in fact, may not exist. This includes any use of the logo that the public might construe as an endorsement, approval, or sponsorship by CFPS of a CH or a CH´s business, or which might be taken to support or encourage a CH´s sale of product, process, or installation. A CH is allowed to print the logo on an advertisement or product literature. Without limiting the foregoing restrictions, the logo may in no case be shown larger than 1.5 inches or 4 centimeters in size on a full page or proportionally on a smaller page.
  4. No person gains any rights whatsoever in the logo or its use; it remains the property of CFPS. CFPS reserves the right in its sole discretion to require the removal of the logo from any location or thing CFPS feels does not comply with these guidelines.
    If you have any questions regarding use of the logo, please contact our Customer Service Department at +1 800 344-3555, outside the U.S. and Canada, call +1 617 770-3000. Or E-mail CFPS.

Download logo
We have made files available in a variety of formats; you may choose those that best suit your needs. Usually, right-clicking on the link and selecting “Save As”, “Save Picture As”, or “Save Target As” will allow you to save the file locally on your computer. Make sure you remember where the file is being saved, so you can find it after downloading.

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