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1. After I fill out the exam application, how will I know if I've met the eligibility requirements?
You will receive a letter from NFPA within two weeks of your application receipt.

2. What is the application fee?

3. Does NFPA offer exam preparation?
Yes, NFPA offers a primer course.

4. When will I get directions to the exam location?
NFPA will notify you by e-mail of the proctor and exam location two weeks prior to your exam date.

5. When will test results be available?
NFPA will notify you by mail of pass/fail status three to four weeks after your exam date. A scaled score of 70% or above must be achieved to pass the exam, but please note exact test scores are not released.

6. When will I receive my CFPS certificate?
A CFPS certificate, lapel pin and wallet card will be sent by mail three to four weeks after your exam date.

7. How do I maintain my certification?
There is an annual fee of $125 with recertification every three years.

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