The following questions are provided for your reference when preparing to take the CFPS exam. Answers are located at the end of this page.

1. What type of electrically powered industrial truck can be used in Class 1, Division 1, Group D locations?

A. Type EX
B. Type ES
C. Type EE
D. Type E

2. What is the minimum acceptable flow at the base of a riser including hose streams, ordinarily acceptable for pipe schedule sprinkler systems required for ordinary hazard (Group I) classified occupancies?

A. 100 GPM
B. 850 GPM
C. 700 GPM
D. 500 GPM

3. The pressure produced by a column of water 1 foot high is:

A. 0.433 psi
B. 2.31 psi
C.14.7 psi
D. 29.9 psi

4. The total head of a fire pump is:

A. the energy imparted to the liquid as it passes through the pump
B. psi rating as the liquid passes through the pipe
C. the energy imparted to the liquid as it passes through the orifice
D. the static pressure of water at the intake of the pump

5. Proper exit design permits everyone to leave the fire endangered area:

A. without fear of loss of life
B. prior to an untenable atmosphere
C. in the shortest travel distance
D. in the shortest possible time

6. The life safety code included the term "Exit" in an overall definition of means of egress. A means of egress is a continuous path of travel from any point in a building or structure to the open air outside at ground level. Egress consists of which three separate and distinct parts?

A. Access to the exit, lighting, signage
B. Access to the exit, floor construction, door swing
C. Access to the exit, the exit, and area outside the building
D. Access to the exit, the exit, and the exit discharge

7. In Type II, (111) construction, columns supporting more than one floor are required to have a fire resistance rating of:

A. 0 hour
B. 3/4 hour
C. 1 hour
D. 3 hours

8. The intensity of the illumination of means of egress should be not less than?

A. 1 foot candle measured at the floor
B. 1 foot candle measured 3' above the floor
C. 3 foot candles measured at the floor
D. 3 foot candles measured 3' above the floor

9. An oxygen enriched atmosphere is defined as any atmosphere in which the concentration of oxygen exceeds 21% by volume or the partial pressure of the oxygen exceeds what pressure?

A. 1.6 psi
B. 16 KpA
C. 16 Atmospheres
D. 160 TORR

10. Water is most effective and most commonly used for which of the following type of fire?

A. Class A-ordinary combustibles
B. Class B-flammable and combustible liquids
C. Class C-electrical
D. Class D-combustible metals

11. Which of the following is NOT a basic method for heating gravity tank water?

A. Direct discharge of steam into water
B. Gravity circulation of hot water
C. Steam coils inside tanks
D. Warm air in internal jacket

12. An important limitation to consider when using pressure tanks in automatic sprinkler protection is the:

A. small volume of water stored
B. dependence upon outside power sources to maintain pressure
C. lack of training of fire department personnel
D. inadequate pipe sizing

13. Which one of the following principles is used to determine the necessary exit width?

A. Design and application
B. Flow and capacity
C. Width and movement
D. Construction and design

14. As a type of automatic fire detection device, heat detectors are the:

A. oldest
B. newest
C. most reliable
D. least reliable

15. The first principle of good storage practice for chemicals is:

A. limiting quantity
B. segregation
C. containment
D. concentration

Answer key (updated 4/25/03)

1. A

7. C

13. B

2. B

8. A

14. A

3. A

9. D

15. B

4. A

10. A

5. D

11. D

6. D

12. A

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