Marine Chemist Association, Inc.

Marine Chemist Association, Inc.

Donald V. Raffo, Secretary
76 Farmholme Road, Stonington, CT 06378

The Marine Chemist Association, Inc. is an independent professional organization composed of chemists certificated by the NFPA in accordance with the preceding Rules.

It had its origin in May 1938, as the Marine Chemists’ Subsection of the NFPA Marine Section. Upon termination of the Marine Section in 1948, the present Association was organized for the following purposes:

  • To promote the science of, and improve the methods of, evaluating and eliminating health, fire, and explosion hazards in marine and associated industries.
  • To obtain and circulate information relative to these hazards and other information regarding the professional and ethical activities of its members.
  • To enhance the general welfare of its members by promoting a closer relationship with all concerned industry and regulatory bodies.

Its growing membership is arranged in geographical sections: Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf-Inland. This structure has enhanced the exchange of views and the development of professional policies.

Representatives of the Association take an active and constructive part in the work of the NFPA Technical Committee on Gas Hazards, Marine Chemist Qualification Board, and Marine Field Service Advisory Committee. Through its educational seminars, informational bulletins, and Association newsletters, professional advancement is realized.

The esteem in which the Marine Chemist Association, Inc. is held is based on its record of dedicated service and continuous adherence to the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing.