12-16 June 2016 | Las Vegas | Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Emerging Technology Spotlight


Emerging Technologies spotlight


The “Building of the Future” Expo Experience
Technology is reshaping our world at an unprecedented rate, requiring that fire and life safety professionals be prepared for the future, today. From smart buildings to vehicle electrification, the information and knowledge you need to do your job is changing right before your eyes. The NFPA® Building of the Future will provide you with an unparalleled interactive learning experience. NFPA will guide you on a virtual reality tour of the Building of the Future — a truly unforgettable experience all within the confines of the Expo! Don’t miss out on this chance to see what technology is already in use and get a glimpse of what’s coming soon.


NFPA Energy Storage & Solar Systems Safety Training | Fire Service Edition
Battery energy storage and solar systems are poised to revolutionize our electrical network. To help the fire service handle the unique challenges presented by these rapidly growing technologies, NFPA has developed the Energy Storage & Solar Systems Safety Training course. This four hour instructor-led course will provide students with an introduction to energy storage and solar system concepts, including terminology, basic electrical theory, types of battery energy storage (Lead Acid, Lithium Ion, Sodium Sulfur, and Flow Batteries) and PV systems (thin film, mono/poly SI, CVP) , and the typical applications they will be found in. The course then provides guidance on how to handle failure modes and hazards of these technologies, including pre-incident planning, thermal runaway and re-ignition, emergency response procedures, ventilation and more.

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