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Hydrogen Technologies Code

This code provides fundamental safeguards for the generation, installation, storage, piping, use, and handling of hydrogen in compressed gas (GH2) form or cryogenic liquid (LH2) form.

Following the posting of the First Draft Report, an error was identified by staff.  Specifically, First Revision No. 120 passed ballot of the responsible Technical Committee but was erroneously identified as failed and marked as a Committee Input (CI) No. 120.  This error has now been corrected within the text (note:  the changed text does not show as such in the First Draft Report, but rather is clearly noted), the Technical Committee has been made aware, and submitters of Public Comments (PC) on the affected section(s) have additionally been notified and provided opportunity to submit additional PCs on the section(s) (should anyone so desire based upon the corrected text) for Technical Committee consideration at the Second Draft Meeting.  Additionally, to ensure full opportunity for participation for anyone who wishes to submit additional Public Comments as a result of this correction, the Public Comment closing date was extended until July 14, 2021 for submissions. 

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