Celebrating 125 Years of Safety The Safest and Most Innovative Way We Can

NFPA President Jim Pauley talks about the creation of the Conference Series.

With the continued uncertainty of live events stretching well into 2021, the National Fire Protection Association® is unable to hold the 2021 NFPA Conference & Expo®. We look forward to the return of C&E in Boston in 2022.

We pride ourselves on a safe, world-class experience for all our attendees, and there are too many unknowns to push forward with an event where we could not provide a safe environment for all.

So, we are switching gears! In recognition of our 125th Anniversary in 2021, in place of our Conference & Expo, we’re creating a new, innovative experience that promises to live up to those high expectations and one where everyone can safely attend and participate.

We’ve also decided to share this now, so you can get ready while we focus on creating something special that will exceed your expectations.

The 125th Anniversary Conference Series
We’re not just going virtual—we’re leveraging technologies to create a year-long, unique education series that will be a continuous lineup of comprehensive education and novel elements unlike any you’ve ever seen from NFPA®. Think of it as Celebration & Education!

What does the virtual 125th Anniversary Conference Series look like?
• Education series throughout the entire year (and stretching into 2022) to celebrate and   commemorate 125 years of NFPA
• Targeted virtual events for individual audiences to focus on what matters most to you
• Expanded networking opportunities through group chats and one-on-one virtual meetings
• Meeting with sponsors and product demonstrations

How are we doing it?
We may be 125 years old, but we’ve always kept up with the times. Even before everyone was forced to “go digital,” NFPA was developing virtual solutions. With groundbreaking digital products—including our NFPA LiNK™ information delivery platform and online learning opportunities—we are uniquely positioned to launch a focused virtual experience in 2021. After all, offering cutting-edge safety solutions is what NFPA has always been about.

We’re working to make each and every part of it robust, in-depth, and personal.

None of us can know exactly what’s in store for the new year. But one thing you can count on is that NFPA will deliver the premier fire and life safety events you’ve come to expect, and even more. You won’t want to miss any of it! Sign up to receive updates.

Is NFPA hosting the Conference & Expo in 2021?

NFPA will not be hosting an in-person Conference & Expo in 2021. Instead, we are offering a special 125th Anniversary Conference Series. The series will take place virtually throughout the year and offer targeted content for individual areas of expertise. Updated schedules and information will be posted in the coming weeks.

What can I expect from the 125th Anniversary Conference Series experience?

The series will consist of a variety of one-day programs of targeted educational content, industry roundtable discussions, networking, and sponsorship opportunities with live chat and demonstrations.

What can I expect to receive for CEUs?

We are still finalizing the offering, but you can expect to earn credits not only during the day of the event, but also through on-demand programming.

How will the Association Technical Meeting be handled?

The 2021 technical session will be held in an electronic format again this year. For more information and updates on the Technical Meeting please visit www.nfpa.org/2021techsession.

How will the Association’s annual business meeting be handled?

The annual business meeting will be held virtually during the week of June 21, 2021. Please stay tuned for more information on the date and time of the meeting.

Who would benefit from participation in the virtual conference series?

The 125th Anniversary Conference Series will have something for everyone in the NFPA Fire & Life Safety EcosystemTM. This virtual series is designed for you to be able to consume content that meets your needs and on your schedule.

What should I expect out of a virtual attendance?

  • - Education sessions with live chat and interactive capabilities
  • - Meetings with sponsors and product demonstrations
  • - One-on-one virtual networking and meetings
  • - Industry roundtable discussions

I submitted a proposal — how does this affect my submission?

We are still reviewing the proposals that were submitted. Proposals to speak virtually for programming throughout 2021 will be accepted on a rolling basis starting in late January.

Exhibitor questions

Will the NFPA Conference & Expo® be held as a live event in June 2021?
No, the 2021 NFPA Conference & Expo will not be a live event. Instead, we are creating a new, totally virtual experience. The 125th Anniversary Conference Series will be a continuous lineup of comprehensive education sessions and innovative elements unlike anything you’ve ever seen at the NFPA Conference & Expo.

Will there be a virtual expo hall?
No, there will not be a virtual expo hall, but we will be offering opportunities for you to engage with the Conference attendees. This interaction affords new sponsorship, marketing and advertising opportunities. We are currently working on all of the opportunities and will send an update as soon as they are available.

When will the NFPA Conference & Expo be held as a live event next?
The next NFPA Conference & Expo will be held the week of June 5, 2022 at the Boston Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. We look forward to celebrating the return of NFPA C&E in person with you in Boston!

Will exhibit booth fees be refunded or credited to 2022?
Yes, NFPA Conference & Expo will refund any booth fees received for the 2021 event. Or, if you prefer, we will also be offering an option to roll your funds to 2022. Our team has been hard at work establishing the refund/roll process. Please expect an email from us the week of March 1 with further information.

Will sponsorship and marketing fees be refunded?
Yes, NFPA Conference & Expo will refund any sponsorship or marketing fees made for the 2021 show. We will still maintain right of first refusal for 2021 Sponsors for the 2022 Conference & Expo sponsorships. Please expect an email from us the week of March 1 with further information.

How do I cancel my hotel room reservation or staff sub-block?
Housing had not opened for the 2021 event, so you will not need to cancel any hotel reservations. If you booked a hotel on your own, then you will need to cancel your reservation.

How do I handle any orders that were placed with official contractors?
Exhibitor services had not opened for the 2021 event, so you will not need to cancel any orders.

I still have questions; whom do I contact?
Inquiries should be directed to exhibitorsvcs@nfpa.org. You will receive a follow-up response within 1–2 business days.