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Construction Site Fire Safety

Did you know there were an average of 3,840 construction fires each year between 2013 and 2017 alone? Those fires during construction, renovation, and demolition caused 49 civilian injuries and $304 million in property damage annually. The best way to prevent destruction, construction delays, injuries, and increased expenses is to make sure everyone on the site knows how to identify hazards.

That’s why NFPA brought all our related safety resources together in one place for you. Whether you’re a facility manager or building owner, a contractor or installer, or an enforcement authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)—you can help increase knowledge and awareness to recognize hazards before they turn into disasters.

NEW! Our Construction Site Fire Safety Fact Sheet provides measures for helping to prevent or minimizing fire damage to structures during construction, alteration, or demolition. 



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Fire continues to plague buildings under construction or renovation, but efforts are underway to beef up NFPA 241 to fight the problem.
In an NFPA podcast, Kevin Carr, NFPA staff liaison to NFPA 241, talks about construction site fires and how to prevent them. 

Free Resources

Put safety first by starting with the facts. These free informational resources are a great start to educating your team and yourself about the importance of safety on the construction site. Download and distribute these helpful overviews today.

Construction Site Safety Research Sheet
Get the facts on leading causes of fires in structures under construction versus under renovation.

Construction Site Safety During Emergencies Fact Sheet
Learn how to safely shut down a job site during an emergency.

Fires in Structures under Construction or Renovation Report
Discover trends, causes, and statistics surrounding fires in the United States.

Hot Work Safety Fact Sheet
Get insights and statistics about hot work dangers and minimizing hazards at construction sites.

Hoja informativa de seguridad de trabajos en caliente
Obtén perspectivas y estadísticas sobre los peligros de los trabajos en caliente y cómo minimizar los peligros en obras de construcción.

Training for Everyone

Everyone on a construction site is responsible for fire safety. NFPA has training to meet the needs of every type of worker, no matter their experience level. Explore all the options NFPA offers to find the right solutions to help improve safety at your site.

Explore All Training Options
Online Training

Get instruction on identifying everyday, on-site fire hazards and how to deal with them in this self-paced online course.

Online Training

Gain the fundamental knowledge and skills to assume the duties of a fire prevention program manager (FPPM).

Online Training

Learn how to apply the guidelines in NFPA 241 to help protect your work sites against fire hazards and related risks unique to the construction phase.

Online Training

Gain in-depth knowledge into the essentials of helping to protect lives on the job and reducing injuries, OSHA violations, and liabilities.

Online Training

Take an in-depth look at hot work dangers and the vital safety procedures that can help promote worker safety and reduce risks.

Entrenamiento en Linea

Examina en profundidad los peligros de los trabajos en caliente y los procedimientos de seguridad vitales que te pueden ayudar a fomentar la seguridad de los trabajadores y reducir riesgos.

Online Training

Make sure everyone on the job site knows how to identify fire hazards. To learn more about group discounts and program options, email us.

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Try Out the New Fire Prevention Program Manager Online Training

The Fire Prevention Program Manager Online Training Series is a new interactive 5-part course that covers general fire protection awareness for all people on construction sites and the role of fire prevention program managers on a construction project. Try out the course demo!

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NFPA 241, Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations (2019) Toolkit
This economical toolkit bundles NFPA 241, 2019 edition, for the most recent requirements for protecting life and property from fire dangers during the construction phase of projects, along with 3-hour online training in locating, understanding, and applying the standard.
NFPA 51B Hot Work Safety Toolkit
Access the information and training to help personnel identify hazards and avoid fires on job sites where hot work occurs. The toolkit includes NFPA 51B, 2019 edition, and convenient Hot Work Safe Practices Online Training offering 90 minutes of quality instruction in essential safety procedures.
51B Juego de Herramientas para Trabajos en Caliente
Este juego de herramientas agrupa la edición impresa de NFPA 51B, Norma para la Prevención de Incendios Durante Operaciones de Soldadura, Corte y Otros Trabajos en Caliente, e instrucción detallada en la identificación de los peligros de trabajos en caliente y los procedimientos críticos de seguridad con el Curso en Línea para el Certificado de Seguridad de Trabajos en Caliente.
NFPA 241 and NFPA 51B Standards, Safeguarding Construction and Fire Prevention Toolkit
This toolkit offers comprehensive coverage of practices and strategies for preventing fires, burns, and other dangers at sites, including underground locations and where construction, alteration, demolition, or hot work are taking place.
NFPA 70E 2021 Electrical Workplace Safety Toolkit
This toolkit delivers everything you need to get up to speed with the 2021 edition of the standard and increase your skills and professional standing. You get the ultimate resource for referencing and interpreting NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®, with expert instruction and resources to help improve your confidence in using and enforcing its life-saving provisions.

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NFPA is the leading global advocate for the elimination of death, injury, property, and economic loss due to fire, electrical, and related hazards. Our mission is to provide you with the information and knowledge you need to do your job well in today’s ever-changing environment.


Beyond the specific solutions NFPA provides for construction site fire safety, we can bring value and advancement to many aspects of your career. From code finders and research pages to conferences and cutting-edge digital platforms—NFPA is your source for all your fire and life safety resources.

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Access reports and supporting fact sheets on trends, causes, and statistics surrounding fires with high-rise buildings and construction/renovation.