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In each issue of NFPA Journal, six recent news events, research findings, or other items are chosen by the Journal editorial staff and highlighted as examples of successes or failures in the context of the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem.

Examples from the most recent issue of NFPA Journal are listed below. See more information about the Ecosystem and each of its eight components.

Infographic - The Ecosystem Explained

You can also download a visual representation (PDF) of the successes and failures below.







911 systems across the US are 'at a breaking point' financially after receiving next to zero COVID-19–related aid since the pandemic began in April, according to multiple reports.

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 Investment in safety cog


A local fire investigator rules that fire sprinklers installed eight years ago saved a Texas BBQ joint from being destroyed by a fire this past New Year's Eve. 


 Preparedness and emergency response cog


North Carolina's state fire marshal launches a first responder COVID-19 registry to provide real-time data for state leaders to understand how the virus is affecting responders and what resources are needed to keep them safer.  


 Skilled workforce cog


Three contractors are charged with negligent homicide for allegedly installing a heating system incorrectly at a New Hampshire couple's home, leading to the couple's death by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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 Development and use of current codes cog


Fires involving photovoltaic arrays have increased five-fold in Australia, due largely to government rules mandating the use of poor equipment, according to PV Magazine.

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North Dakota's governor announces that the state will allow health care workers who tested positive for COVID-19 to continue to treat patients. 

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