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Investing in NFPA® Group On-Site, Online, or Live Virtual Training provides a competitive advantage by helping to build a more competent workforce—enabling your team to take on more complex projects by elevating its understanding of the latest codes and standards. Complement your internal safety training with high-impact instruction designed to reduce the risks of accidents, failed inspections, and costly rework. Click on the link below for assistance customizing a group online training program to your requirements.

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Online Training

Get current with 2022 requirements for designing, installing, and analyzing fire sprinkler systems with this series of six, one-hour courses focused on NFPA 13 essentials.

Online Training

This 3-part interactive online training provides an essential foundation for understanding the design, installation, and analysis of storage fire sprinkler protection based on the 2022 edition of NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems.

Online Training

Fully updated to the 2022 edition, this six-part training offers expert instruction in safety requirements for fire detection, signaling, and emergency communications systems to help gain a fundamental understanding of the code.

Online Training

Our newest Learning Path helps you plot your course for the WBITM Certification exam with self-paced online training featuring certification fundamentals, video demonstrations, and interactive practice and learn questions.

Online Training

Updated NFPA 20, 2022 edition training includes six one-hour learning modules providing fundamental instruction in the design, installation, and testing of stationary fire pumps to help ensure readiness and reliability and improve safety and efficiency.

Online Training

This new NFPA online course focuses on the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to assume the duties of a new fire prevention program manager (FPPM).

Online Training

From à-la-carte to all-in-one, CFPS Learning Paths offer the resources you need to prepare to earn your certification. Solutions include specialized online learning modules, training courses, practice exams, and more.

Online Training

Establish a fundamental understanding of designing, installing, and analyzing fire sprinkler systems with this six-part training series based on the latest edition of NFPA 13.

Online Training

This innovative and engaging training will help you learn critical information on the inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) of water-based fire protection systems."

Online Training

Increase your knowledge of all aspects of fire alarm and signaling. This dynamic six-part course focuses on a variety of individual subject areas and is an ideal way to establish a foundation for additional NFPA professional fire protection training.

Online Training

NFPA online learning programs have helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies increase employee knowledge and skill in understanding and applying essential fire protection and safety requirements. To learn more about group discounts and program options, connect with a sales representative by emailing

Cursos en línea

Acceda a cursos en español de NFPA 13, NFPA 13 para Ocupaciones de Almacenamiento, NFPA 25, Fundamentos de Protección contra Incendios y Seguridad Humana, y más.

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Grow your career with NFPA certifications and verify your proficiency in critical professional competencies. We offer a variety of programs that provide the confidence you and your team can help ensure fire protection systems are properly designed, installed, and maintained.

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Safety is not just our job—it's our purpose. And the more of us that work together and share our knowledge, the safer the world becomes. That's why NFPA® Individual membership is more than a professional association. You'll be part of a global community committed to the same goal—a safer world. From a 10% discount on products and solutions to NFPA Xchange™, our exclusive online platform, check out all the benefits that come with being an NFPA Individual member.

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