Rolf H. Jensen Memorial Public Education Grant

Funded by The RJA Group, Inc.

The Rolf H. Jensen Memorial Public Education Grant is presented annually to a local fire department to support a fire and life safety education community-wide program or campaign. The winner of the grant will receive $5,000 to support the implementation and evaluation of a fire and life safety education program/campaign and a commemorative plaque.

2016 recipient

2016 Rolf H. Jensen Memorial Public Education Grant recipientThe Carrsville Volunteer Fire Department of Carrsville, VA, is the winner of the 2016 Rolf H. Jensen Memorial Public Education Grant. The grant will support the older adult fire and fall prevention and smoke alarm installation campaign: “Carrsville Loves Older Adults: Remembering When There’s Love There’s A Smoke Alarm.” The purpose is to educate older adults in the Carrsville area of isle of Wight County with a fire and fall prevention program based on NFPA’s Remembering When, as well as install smoke alarms in homes of older adults. Ionization smoke alarms with nonreplaceable batteries designed to work for up to 10 years will be installed.

Remembering When presentations will be conducted during May to celebrate Older Americans Month. In order to evaluate the program’s effectiveness, the number of working smoke alarms present in the home before and after the campaign will be recorded. During Remembering When presentations, participants will be quizzed about safety, including whether they have a home escape plan and a safe meeting place.

Eligibility & criteria
The Rolf H. Jensen Memorial Public Education Grant provides a $5,000 grant to one local fire department to support a community-wide fire and life safety education program or campaign. Funded by the RJA Group, now Jensen Hughes, the grant is open to any fire department (career or volunteer) located in the United States or Canada.

Recipients must meet the following:

  • Demonstration of a plan to implement a community-wide fire and life safety program/campaign.
  • Clearly stated goals and objectives.
  • Staffing assigned to implement the program/campaign.
  • A 1-page final report, including an overview of the project, number of people reached, media coverage, life saves, etc., must be received at NFPA by the end of the year.
For more information contact Lisa Braxton.

Rolf H. Jensen, P.E.
Rolf H. Jensen, P.E.

About Rolf H. Jensen
Rolf H. Jensen, P.E., was a leading authority on fire protection engineering and participated and supported the NFPA consensus standards process throughout his distinguished career. A former teacher, Mr. Jensen was a staunch proponent of fire and life safety education. On the 25th anniversary of the RJA Group, Inc., the founder and Chairman of the Board was honored by his colleagues by establishing an NFPA award in Rolf Jensen's name.

Mr. Jensen dedicated his life to advancing the art and science of fire protection. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He began his career as an engineer and researcher at Underwriters Laboratories. Mr. Jensen had an extensive association with NFPA, having served on the board of directors, Standards Council, and on more than a dozen technical committees. In 1988, NFPA's Standards Council awarded Mr. Jensen the Standards Medal; the highest award bestowed by the Council for contributions in the development of NFPA's codes and standards. He died in 2002, leaving a legacy in the fire protection field.

Past recipients

2015 - Brown Deer, Wisconsin, North Shore Fire Department 

2014 - Chambersburg, PA, Chambersburg Fire Department

2013 - Springfield, MA, Springfield Fire Department

2012 - Brockton, MA, Brockton Fire Department

2011 - College Station, TX, College Station Fire Department

2010 - Grand Traverse, MI, Metro Fire Department

2009 - Montgomery County, MD, Fire and Rescue Service

2008 - Sacramento, CA, Metropolitan Fire District

2007 - North Charleston, SC, Fire Department

2006 - Tuscaloosa, AL, Fire & Rescue Service

2005 - Rochester, NY, Fire Department

2004 - Suffolk, VA, Department of Fire & Rescue

2003 - Lacey Fire District Three and the Lacey Sunsetters Kiwanis Club of Lacey, WA

2002 - Snohomish County (WA) Fire District #8 and the privately-operated Sunnyside Preschool in Lake Stevens, WA

2001 - Glenwood, IL, Fire Department and Rhodia Chemical Heights Plant

1999 - Redlands Fire Department and Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, CA

1998 - Winnipeg Fire Department and Kiwanis Club of Winnipeg

1997 - Rochester, NY, Fire Department, National Fire Service Support Systems, Inc., and BIC Corporation

1996 - Oregon Fire Education Association, and National Association of Insurance Women, Oregon Chapter

1995 - Saint Paul Fire Department and American Red Cross, St. Paul Area Chapter

1994 - Canadian Tire Child Prevention Foundation and Fire Prevention Canada.

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