In his remarkable new book
American Sirens, Kevin Hazzard
details how a dedicated group of
Black men in Pittsburgh became
the world's first paramedics


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Better Attire Required

Female firefighters have long had to make do with gear and protective garments designed for men—sacrificing not only comfort but safety. New research hopes to change that.

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A Century of Dust
100 years after the creation of the first combustible dust standard, NFPA is nearing completion of a single standard on dust explosion hazards. Read article

Invisible No More
With many cities reporting a spike in fires affecting homeless populations, new research and innovative programs could pave the way for solutions. Read article


The Fire Service's DEI Push
Diversity, equity, and inclusion are three words that have quickly risen priority lists at fire departments across the world in recent years. Why has DEI become such an emphasis? What do those words actually mean in practice? And what does success in this area ultimately look like for the fire service? On this podcast we ask Kwame Cooper, who after 38 years with the Los Angeles City Fire Department, returned home to New York to become FDNY’s chief diversity and inclusion officer last November. Then, on a new Code Corner, NFPA Engineer Brian O’Connor answers questions about mobile energy storage system requirements in NFPA 855.


The Relationship Between Extreme Heat and Wildfire
In this episode of Learn Something New by NFPA Journal, we examine the relationship between extreme heat and wildfire as well as offer some tips for staying safe when hot and dry conditions combine to increase wildfire risk.

Farm Fires

Experts say a conspiracy theory brewing over recent chicken farm fires is false

Boate Kiss Revisited

A new Netflix series on one of this century's deadliest fires misses the point on fire in Latin America

Essential Reading
After 15 years, a revamped Fire Protection Handbook is set to hit shelves in the spring.

Arab Style
A Beirut-based fire safety expert talks compliance problems on some of the Middle East's most ambitious projects

Access requirements for rooftops with photovoltaic systems installed. Read more.

Understanding low-frequency alert signals and occupant notification. Read more. 
Understanding the concept of miscellaneous storage. Read more.
Fire prevention through proper electric vehicle charging installation and maintenance. Read more.

A "green" building that burns down is not sustainable—or environmentally friendly  It's time to take that message to the green-building community. Read more.
A struggle over residential fire sprinklers in Hawaii illustrates the value of the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem. Read more.
A slew of recent wildfire disasters have wreaked havoc on the home insurance market in California. Where do we go from here? Read more.

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Western Fire Chiefs Association

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