The National Fire Protection Association releases professional qualifications workshop report

Published on May 27, 2011
Addresses challenges regarding fire service and emergency responders codes and standards

May 27, 2011 –The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) today released a report summarizing the day and a-half Pro-Qual Now and Beyond Workshop held in April 2011 in Irving, Texas to address professional qualifications (Pro-Qual) used by the fire service emergency response community. The report was prepared by the Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF), the research affiliate of the NFPA. Currently, multiple existing codes and standards form the basis for training and professional competency for local, state, provincial and federal fire protection, public safety and emergency response personnel throughout North America.

The NFPA Pro-Qual Project, made up of 15 NFPA technical committees and correlating committee, is responsible for 18 separate standards that address specific Pro-Qual subjects. A robust infrastructure has evolved to address the Pro-Qual project in recent decades, though this has also resulted in certain processing questions such as the clarification of jurisdictional scopes with other related NFPA projects. The goal of the workshop was to establish a common understanding of how individual elements of the fire and emergency service Pro-Qual system and the applicable NFPA standards (and related documents) interact to provide the best value to all of the Pro-Qual stakeholders. The report serves as a blueprint in establishing an action plan to provide future direction to the on-going development of codes and standards for fire and emergency services professional qualifications.

Results of the report include 20 key recommendations aimed at the applicable technical committees and technical correlating committee, with the main focus centered on defining jurisdictional scope of projects in addition to document processing, recertification and requirements, training time, committee coordination, hazmat-specific job performance requirements (JPR) information, terminology and a periodic review of Pro-Qual related issues. The report will be reviewed and discussed at the Pro-Qual Technical Correlation Committee’s meeting at NFPA’s Annual Conference and Expo in June. Further recommendations will be presented at the NFPA Standards Council meeting in August.

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